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This reminds me of conversations that have been going on a lot more recently, everything is getting noticeably more expensive. My new $15 / hour minimum wage is no longer getting me what it used to

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Amazing opinions a beliefs in this thread based on the very little information that’s available, holy hell. I totally agree that it’d be great if racers earned more and maybe Feld does have room to do so, but without seeing full financials you guys have ... more »

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Shocked by Anderson, Wilson and webbs performances, for different reasons

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How dare you have an opinion! What are you a sissy snowflake or something?! refill two beers! America!!

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Kids don’t race 450’s in AMA Supercross

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Agreed, seems a little odd they basically just throw up an “off air”. commercials would be more entertaining than just staring at the same stagnant sign

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X2. What a time to be a lady.

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Ha, yea. I'd put money down that guys didn't come up with the idea of baby announcement ceremonies and photo sessions. But apparently some people here think otherwise so I may lose that wager. Aside from that, and as a parent, congrats to them. Hope ... more »

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Mine was on a Stryder at 12 months, and had a Stacyc at 2 years. He was riding his Stacyc with zero help, full throttle before his 3rd birthday. He’s 3 1/2 now and I’m currently working with him to learn how to ride a pedal bike. Too early to tell if ... more »

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I'd say I'm pretty loyal to them at this point and it's because of consistent quality and performance with a great price.

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Why would they need to provide any sort of test results, proof or evidence of anything before destroying someone’s livelihood? Some person that has a job at a testing place said he failed. Case closed! What’s there to ever question or make someone feel ... more »

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I have 2 kids. Oldest is a three year old and we used to let him play on our phones / watch Kid videos and after seeing what that turned him in to, we agreed to never let him on our phones unless we have an emergency situation that requires him to be ... more »

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No way, a race is a race and you never help out a teammate regardless of how pointless of a novelty race it is. That’s why my son knows to not expect any favors from me in our family potato sack races. Not up in here!

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Haha I’d say yea. No title on the line. Just a one off race where the benefits are huge for letting a teammate by easy vs putting up a fight for pride. Hardly even a comparison

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I wouldn’t be surprised if monster realized the race needed a boost and encouraged RV to join in

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I did not guess this was going to be a troll thread

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That’s the first thing I saw

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You pointed out the exciting things of racing that can likely still be achieved with an electric bike, it's just most other aspects of riding / racing that will no longer be a factor that some people are disappointed to see go away. Racing and riding ... more »

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Holly hell man, i'd make the trip from WA to take advantage of that.

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Didn't turn out well for the last person Bruce ran into..