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Comparing how anyone who has an opinion would have done in the same race seems really out of place and meaningless. ESPN has entire shows where analysts breakdown what NFL players did well or not well based on how they perform relative to their past ... more »

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People are bored and get worked up easily. Toss in the internet and commence uproar.

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I wouldn't count on being brand new or not making much of a difference at the 5 year mark. That amount of time was typically what i heard in the shops i worked at, new or not. And when it comes to my head, I care about it so i wouldnt push it. I'd spend ... more »

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I'd agree mostly, but please don't let the terrorists win. Keep your avatar.

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This sounds more agreeable and I'd agree for the most part. Sometimes the image given to the masses isn't exactly an accurate or flattering one. I remember a few years back, a professional rider died of exhaustion i believe and the story made it to a ... more »

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I doubt Mitch kicked anything...

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Well depending on where the second option has been, it may be safer to hit the first option. Not to mention hitting the second could leave you with 18 years of child support if you held it wide open.

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What in the hell?? If nothing else I’m thankful for this thread because I would have never believed it if someone said kids riding wheelies through streets are getting big sponsors and interviews with what seem like legit websites. Anyone think this ... more »

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Glad i'm not the only one. This is my second day skimming this thread and i still dont know whats happening here. Even if this kid didnt steal anything, he rides wheelies through streets and is apparently getting some support. Did he win some major race ... more »

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Take your time. Unless youre getting paid a lot to rush back out there, its not worth any additional risk to your health. Spend the time building strength back in that leg or else your body compensates slightly and in the not so distant future youll ... more »

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One thing i easily agree on; the tracks are becoming way too skiny/narrow. Seems like a lot of tracks are getting to only the blade width of a standard dozer. If the tracks are going to be tight and choppy, at least make them wider for line options.

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Well considering a table top is not a double, i'd be more critical about the guys calling it a quad.

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Alright i give up. I looked through a few pages here and on google and couldnt find anything so i figured you guys might have an answer. I have a friend playing the game on his iphone using his profile on the Game Center app and we're trying to figure ... more »

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There was a step down at a track that had a 5 ft flat spot st the top (safe place to land if i caught a little air), to a small down side (safe place to land), then another 10 ft of flat like the top of these tables (safe place to land) followed by the ... more »

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GD, seriously. A hand full of keyboard hero's turned this thread into an episode of the Kardashians. I love mx because its always seemed to attract down to earth, level headed people with their ego's in check, for the most part. Theres a few self righteous ... more »

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im in 4056th place with a 44.3. looks like Master is back

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Asked like a sir.