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Anyone think that Reeds age and standing in the points right now would be ADDING to his motivation to race? It's easy to say he should just sit it out and wait until he heals. But he's not getting any younger, and most people (myself included) already ... more »

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Chad clearly implies he will race, and Ellie confirms it in words that aren't as vague as his. Whether he ends up being able to race or not is another story altogether, but the only comprehension fail here is you. mrstwotwo 1 hour ago 3 broken bones. ... more »

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His wife confirms he will be racing in her twitter.

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Saw the injury list on twitter. Was gutted his season was over. Click the link and read that he plans on racing still. Literally yelled out loud at work fuck yeah. Lol. Doubt he can run with the top guys in his condition, but hopefully he proves me wrong ... more »

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Would love it to happen, but realistically he needs to get a good start (inside top 3) to be a good chance at the win. If he gets out the gate in behind JS, RV, KR, RD etc. then I don't like his chances at all. Even though at A2 he managed to pass them ... more »

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Championship on the line and all Chad does is block his line and force him off the track. No worse then any other contact pass in a turn.

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Has there ever been a rider that has won over such a long period of time against such strong fields? Honestly it's crazy to think that his career started out as the only rider in the world being able to match it with the GOAT. He and Ricky were so far ... more »

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Hopefully more races like this. Especially when Chad Reed seems so comfortable racing like that for 20 minutes. Longer races might separate the boys from then men. It would also theoretically allow a bit more time for riders to make up for a bad start... ... more »

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I don't think he will have a hard time staying motivated. Chad Reed was battling it out with Ricky Carmichael 11 years ago. He looks as motivated as he ever has to win. He looked like he wasn't going to adapt to 4 strokes too well, and eventually he ... more »

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When the top 5 are so hard to split, it's not surprising that the rest of the field are catching up also. Even the top 5 guys look to have trouble moving through the field. I remember not long ago guys going down in the first turn and being deadlast ... more »

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Chad Reed was practically crying a couple weeks back over his win. I don't blame them to be honest. Imagine how happy you would feel winning even a single race (heat or main event) against some of the best guys on the planet. The guys who win a lot would ... more »

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If he won the title this year, it would seriously be one of the all time great wins in history. So many talented riders mean that no matter who wins, it's a well and truly hard fought win. But Chad Reed was battling with Ricky Carmichael for wins a decade ... more »

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What a crazy race. Chad Reed is my favorite rider and I keep doubting him still. The guy is just defying the odds each week to even be on the podium IMO. But two wins in 5 starts in a field with this talent is just crazy. The guy looks as good as he ... more »

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Yeah Dungey slowed Reed up quiet a bit and put pressure on Reed just to hold his spot. I honestly think CR wins that regardless of whether RV and RD crashed. He was on fire tonight. Made Bubba look slow. He passed Roczen easily and he was the fastest ... more »

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I would have to say that it's the most impressive. Chad Reed won his in a race that was stacked with ridiculous talent that were all young and in or close to their prime. Best of all he passed the supposed fastest man on the planet cleanly, having fought ... more »