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Reply to Bring our sport out of the stone age 1/4/2020 6:06 AM

One kid among all my buds kids as well. It's almost better if you act like you don't want them doing it. My parents always had this thing where I was never going to have a motorcycle so I busted my ass until I bought one. I found my own way to the track ... more »

Reply to What immediately throws you off when looking for a used bike? 11/20/2019 11:36 PM

Hmm..Haha..Let me count the ways. "Street tires".... Cracked rims Cracked cases Cracked cases with JB weld hideously blobbed Cracked hubs, Wheels with spokes seized and stretched to the point of the rim/tires jangling as you pick the bike up Triple clamp ... more »

Reply to JGR going bye-bye? 10/24/2019 7:33 PM

They're great. Top shelf in house capability, and the equipment sponsors are there. They'll take Alex Martin out this year. Joe Gibb's honors. A season of living within the means if it comes to that, will maximize any new title sponsor's investment. ... more »

Reply to JGR going bye-bye? 10/24/2019 4:52 PM

****Disclaimer: Much if not all of this is my opinion from 50 years of MX participation/observation. It's never any one big thing but the financial bringdown was a component part of the top down attack on disposable income. The sport began bleeding participants ... more »

Reply to Suzuki decline 7/19/2019 12:13 AM

Ricky's 2005-2007 deal was rumored to have broken the bank. They had that platform share with Kawasaki from 2004-2006 which if not for the crash, may have helped them. KTM succeeded at that...Reason # 2,355,027...All Hail KTM... I was makin the sh**t ... more »

Reply to I found it the elusive right sided chain yz125! 7/18/2019 6:45 PM

They make a left handed Ratio Rite for that very model....

Reply to 1989 CR125 Project... 7/18/2019 2:39 PM

That is so nice. Go man GO !!!

Reply to Suzuki decline 7/18/2019 2:30 PM

If they were to re-issue the 2008 RM125, and RM250, I'm pretty certain that would juice them up. Suzuki's an iconic brand. Sure we'd be on bikes like we're on now anyway, but they took the first steps in 67-68 , and by 1970, that RH250 was more advanced ... more »

Reply to Yz125 2004 swing arm 7/18/2019 11:10 AM

Uuugh. I have one of those in my "Friggin nightmare someday I'm gonna get to that" pile. Time to time I douse it with Kroil, beat on the bell crank with a rubber mallet and chuck it back til next time haha. Time before last I finally got it to move a ... more »

Reply to 1993 Honda cr125 Doug Henry replica/ rider build...finished 7/17/2019 9:23 PM

Nstyle used to do the OG white wing with the Camel Supercross stiker. You could get then from dennis kirk cheap forever. They might even still have some. Throttle Jockey is licensed team Honda as their main supplier so they can be had.
Reply to EC Birt- Precision Cycle? 7/16/2019 10:50 PM

Thanks for this thread. Godspeed Chinky . The 77 Ohio State Championship writeup is pure gold. Charles "Chinky" Godby would have probably ended up being a top ten National guy but for that freak, crash in 125A Saturday Hi Point Memorial weekend ... more »
Reply to EC Birt- Precision Cycle? 7/16/2019 8:18 PM

Clutch side.
Reply to EC Birt- Precision Cycle? 7/16/2019 8:17 PM

This cylinder sat on Ebay all week a few years back. I was the only bidder. It was as if no one had any idea what it was.
Reply to 1993 Honda cr125 Doug Henry replica/ rider build...finished 7/16/2019 7:55 PM

Throttle Jockey can probably match it. They started doing all of Team Honda's US seat covers and graphics a few years after 1993, but they have their Honda CR seat cover stuff down really nice to the point where I don't even think about any other place ... more »

Reply to Your recommendations for pre mix and trans oil 2 strokes 7/16/2019 5:05 AM

Golden Spectro premix 40:1 for 250/500cc 36:1 for 125 in 110 Leaded Purple Cam 2 Bel Ray "Gear Saver" 75w Since 1978.....My chit don't break...

Reply to What's next for the modern Motocross Bike? 7/16/2019 3:01 AM

My Ever Ready flashlight takes 2 DD batteries but I've never known of anyone who's called it an "Electric light". Battery powered motorcycles might catch on as sometimes supply can create it's own demand. Battery bikes and 2 stroke EFI over the next ... more »

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Mikeee P ! He was a little crazy but that's alright. Pots to kettles....we race motorcycles....