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Start it up and look in the tank for fuel bubbling. There was a bad run of in-tank filters that were cracking at the seam and causing lost fuel pressure. If it is cracked, the fuel will bubble when it is running. Mind did it and it caused hard starting, ... more »

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Has been injured

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N2D is an awesome suspension company for sure! They did my rear shock with their link on my 19 FC450 Husky and it was just what I was looking for.

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I read Reed boiled his fuel as well.

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Did I miss it in here? If not they are on the schedule for a Pro National in August.

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I found the ERT2 chains to not be as good as the original ERT. The ERT3 may be good, but I use Regina chain now.

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I used a 2012 on my 16 and it was a bolt on.

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My cylinder came in from TMR this week and looks great! UPS for some reason couldn't find my house and asked for an address correction when the address was correct. I tracked and caught it and called UPS and shortly after Tom Morgan called me concerned ... more »

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Thanks! I compared it to my other ones and determined it was the optional cylinder. The exhaust is wider with less space between it and the transfers and the intake is cleaned up a bit. I'll still post a picture when I get home. Tom Morgan just ported ... more »

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2020 Regional Championships Schedule: Northeast June 5-7 High Point Mt. Morris, PA Amateur June 12-14 Pleasure Valley Seward, PA Vet June 26-28 Tomahawk Hedgesville, WV Youth Southeast June 5-7 Aonia Pass MX Washington, GA Vet June 19-21 Muddy Creek ... more »

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Same here, I run my CV flush because I have the 2015 940mm length (ones right before the black ones) on my 2019 Husky 450.

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Don't take any oil out of the inner chamber. It's not adjustable like the outer. It probably felt softer because you had air in there and had less damping.

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At one time there were both Yamaha MX and YZ bikes being sold. The YZs were much better that the MXs, but quite a bit more expensive. Guess which one still exists.

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Trying to remember how to identify the GP cylinder from the standard cylinder on a 1973 CR250M. I just bought another Elsinore cylinder off eBay (it's a sickness) and it's a standard bore and it appears to be the GP 12100-357-810 optional cylinder. When ... more »

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He is light, quick reaction time, and always had a fast bike.

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Are you comparing the huge healthcare field to the fire department? What about the police department or Department of Transportation? Of course we have some government funded agencies, but most would pale to the money spent in healthcare.

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I had a 2-stroke bike that had an up pipe that crossed in front of the airbox. The pipe cracked there and was filling the airbox with exhaust fumes. It ran great when you first started it, but the longer it ran the richer it got and the more it smoked ... more »

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A friend of mine used the Kehin copy carb with success.

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On Any Sunday

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Haters gonna hate. I will say my son ran into him at Loretta's and said he was very personable and easy to talk to.