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Another option and one that has me curious is the hybrid Ohlins fork that Coppersmith in Ohio does. It replaces the right side damping with an Ohlins insert and .45 or .47 spring. It retains the left air side, but runs much lower pressure. It is supposed ... more »

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I remember the "race tune up" he gave me at Loretta's one year. My back had a slight injury from a crash and he felt the exact spot and worked it out. I slept pain free for the first time in a long while! RIP Doc!

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Guy Cooper

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It would have been great sitting on my couch in a climate controlled house lol.

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... more »
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I have the same forks on my 2018 Rockstar Husky and run them flush. They are 5mm shorter than the black CV forks and 10mm or so shorter than the AER fork. I have the Luxon (N2D) link and valving setup with 105mm sag.

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Races will be cranking up soon!

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The cable goes in there and connects to the actuator arm. That is probably why he said that.

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Do KYB inserts if you want KYB type forks. ENZO is doing a great job with this.

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I had to look at the new plastic to figure it out. The radiator shrouds had the slots that keyed on the screws had me thrown until I looked at the new plastic.

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I had one and had to have pins. It left a pretty big scar, but doesn't bother me.

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We raced last weekend before the shit hit the fan around here and people started canceling. I hope this is past soon, but at least around here I can hit the woods and ride offroad.

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"Calm is strength, upset is weakness!" This works for me in many ways.

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I got to race the bike this past weekend and was very impressed with my shock setup! What I noticed most about it was how well it hooked up out of corners and how calm it was on the gas toward jumps. I actually over jumped a couple of jumps until I got ... more »

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We had 418 entries at our opening round of the Alabama State MX series. It's been a while since I saw 34 on the gate for one class and it was in two like that! 250C and Super mini each had 34.

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I bought the CD with all his old stories, but haven't read them all yet. I remember one about "The General" and his high horsepower van.

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At first I just thought it was media hype, but with all this going on in countries all over the world it worries me a bit.

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Some still whine about the Troy Ohio race being cancelled. Can you imagine if they cancel all the rest of the SX rounds?