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Maybe the FIM's (Whitelock) idea of 350s instead of 450s wasn't so bad.

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Not to turn it into a "me" thread, but I ruptured a kidney once and bled out inside. They explained that the kidney is in a membrane and it held the blood. It felt like a water balloon inside of me. They had to wait several weeks until the blood would ... more »

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Maybe he is nursing an injury that he does not want to reveal. Who knows but Eli and his team and why does it matter to anyone but them?

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You cried? I don't want to pile on, but damn man sack up.

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Looks real to me.

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There is no way in hell that thing weights 238 lbs.

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You are clueless.

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Check to make sure the slide is in correctly. You can put it in backwards.

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I like when he reached over and fixed Regal's goggles on the podium. He seemed like he was happy that Regal did so well.

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Stupid, he did not gain one point by what Wilson did.

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No, that's porn.

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Are you going to the KTM ride at Pala MX? I will be at the dealer show the night before and ride the next day.

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Stupid post

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X2 I love it!

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I currently own a 2009 KTM 450 SXF, but have had several different Jap 450s. The difference I found is that while I could get the PDS linkage less suspension to work well, I found I was adjusting it much more often from track to track to do so. I could ... more »

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They put the linkage on the new 450 for 2011.

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Marzocchi forks on motorcycles were like this many years ago.

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Rocky Mountain Cycle did have some.

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It is still one of the cheapest forms of motorsports. But like the post said above, when you can but new left over 450s for 5 to 6 K and get easy finance through the dealer, who would pay premium for used.

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