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Im not using it, let me dig it out and we can figure something out, maybe $200?

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I have a good one if needed still. Located in portland. Let me know.

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The Oset system is way more robust than the Stacyc. The stacyc is more like a power wheels in the electrical department. Stacyc is meant for hard dirt and concrete and some mild grass riding. You're gonna be hard pressed to get that electrical system ... more »

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When looking at a used bike, all you need to do is remove the seat/ask for a picture of the airbox. If the inside of the airbox is dirty has a layer of filter oil/grease, even if the filter is clean, it shows how meticulous they are with maintenance ... more »

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Joey worked for quite a few years putting the original dream race together, eventually got it into the program at the nationals and then he basically got cut out of it. Not much to do with the AMA there though, more on the promoter side of things. So,

... more »
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Just kidding. The "real" 125 dream race this weekend had almost 1000 entries. Not too shabby for a local deal. Good job Mr. Lancaster. Middle fingers to the AMA.

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He must not have any friends..... hope you guys are doing good. The kiddo looked good at shougal 125 race.

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Mountain View Mx park(Tuesdays and weekends). Albany mx park(wednesday and maybe weekends?) Riverdale Mx(weekends) washougal(they will have weekend practices)

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Call Bent Lever Motorpsorts and talk to Jason. Hes probably the closest guy who would have it. They are in vancouver. (360) 891-6900

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A total loss system removes the load of charging the ignition system from the engine, like an MSD system for a jet ski, and runs the entire system from the battery. KTM and Husky still run the stator to run the rest of the motorcycle and only use the ... more »

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Need to twist that thing on the right side of the handlebars a little more.

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Turned down going the year before. I dont remember our finishes from every year, but I wont ever forget our best guy Tomac, opted out of representing the very country, and race fans that support his race series

I still like him BTW, just saying ... more »
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Both! Thats why i went to Jet

... more »
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He will win SX, first year no doubt, if he decides to come over. I've said it before, his rookie season will be at least as dominant as Fonseca's was.

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Coming into 2016 beginning of november crashed at test track, destroyed his wrist and lacerated his liver. Rode 250 east and was only on the bike a very short time before season started. He got a rear flat in toronto 2016. In 2017 engine problem causing ... more »

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Atleast its an age related national championship, those are actually kind of cool, especially for the kids. Whats not cool is being a C class national champ and that really is the ridiculous part. Make it all an age group thing all the way through then ... more »

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When he was here in the end of 2015 and riding supercross as 14/15 year old, birthday is january, he was only a couple seconds off Jessy and Shane, including hitting the whoops. Don't be surprised to see an Ernesto Fonseca like first year in supercross ... more »

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So true, I didnt do a Stacyc but my little dude started on an Oset at at 20 months. He'll be 3 august 10th and I put him on a pedal bike for the first time this last weekend and he nailed it first try!

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A averagerider cant even ride a YZ, let alone a KTM/HUSKY/TM to its full motor potential stock, so its quite the moot point. And are people really that f'ing lazy you cant kick a 2-stroke???

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Yeah, there are some where that would be unsafe, but riders pinning it down the side of a supercross track or up the water truck lane at a national it isn't safe either. If they wanna leave the rule, they need to do like in supercross qualifying for

... more »