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Just noticed Alessi running what appears to be a YZ250 kickstart lever on that 06' 250sxf. Interesting.

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Can't say I was influenced to buy, but I think it was Swapmoto's apparent product placing of O'Neal that made me (re)take notice of it in recent times. Anyway I'm old(ish). My first pair of dirt bike boots were O'Neal Trail Lite back in the late 80s. ... more »

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An empty sprinter has an MSRP of about $37,000 and that's the shorter wheelbase version. Once you outfit the van, you are looking at a number approaching six fingers. Five sprinter vans..haha! Funny.

But seriously, can someone please explain what we are so worried about? In 1984, when team honda rolled up with their custom one-off factory bikes, and their riders spent the week training at Hondaland, and some privateer with a local dealership sponsor rolled up with his mostly stock 1984 RM250...did that disparity kill the sport? I feel like in our quest to be professional/legitimate/marketable/televised, we've turned into pussies. I always hear about how 450s have closed the gap between privateers and factory supported riders. Honda and KTM even offer factory edition models. The sport survived when we were unprofessional, untelevised, and underfunded. We are in a far better place. At least it seems that way to this layman.
Flame away....

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Don't you think the electric revolution has the opportunity to lower costs eventually? The tech will become more affordable. Maybe even a sealed engine and spec batteries? Less wear parts, less time rebuilding engines, etc. Teams can focus on suspension settings and the power curve will be adjusted with a laptop. Just a thought...

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I never suggested they would be reviving Alta. I think it's pretty obvious they will not be doing that. But corporations don't typically spend large sums of money to study something and then do absolutely nothing with the knowledge they gain.

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BRP bought some of Alta's assets (including intellectual property, patents and physical assets as well). They own Can-Am, Sea Doo, Ski Doo, Rotax and Evinrude. I'm very interested in what they's managed to do with that purchase. So far it appears they ... more »

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You say there is a shortage of bikes and there is a surplus of bikes in the same sentence. Prepare for Vital's wrath! The fury of criticism shall soon be unleashed.

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Great racing you too! I ride a good bit of off-road as well. I think it helped a lot. That last moto was pretty sloppy haha! I was having fun regardless of results. It's an event I really enjoy and over the past few years it's been the only MX race I ... more »

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This year's event exceeded my wildest expectations. Not only did my boys and I end up on the podium in the Cup of Nations, but I went 2-2 for 1st overall in my individual category. I guess that makes me a world champ..hahaha!!!! The circumstances of

... more »
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Shit, this is horrible. I'm less pumped about driving out there tomorrow for the World Vets. Maybe the rain will slow things down enough to make it a messy but safe event.

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Does Valkenswaard ever hold any other events besides the GP? Do they have open practice days? Is the GP cancelled because the track is going away? My first ever GP was Valkenswaard. The place is very special to me. I hope it's not getting bulldozed.

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I wouldn't indict the entire state based on a couple of vitalmx posts. I'm sure I could find some people from colder climates that wouldn't be stoked with our typical summertime conditions (100+ degrees, blue groove and dust). I look forward to the wetter ... more »

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I'm racing both days.

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I've been happy with my mx53 front on Norcal hardpack motocross.

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You ignorant racist bastard!!!!! JOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pulled it apart earlier this evening. Reeds look fine to me...

... more »
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Darn it, I knew I'd forget some details. Yeah, stock silencer. It's a 2009 model year. I have a V-Force reed block in it too. Your specs suggest that I'm not dealing with a lean carb setting. Hmmm, back to the drawing board I guess.

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Ever since bolting on an FMF Factory Fatty expansion chamber on my YZ250, the bike runs weird. It's hard to describe. The issue only manifests itself at constant throttle openings. Under load and accelerating it seems fine (better than with the OEM pipe). ... more »

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I feel like Freddie Noren would know. He went through a few of them back in the day methinks...

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My understanding is that Roger's influence is what triggered the development of the 1996 RM250, and while this bike may not have been revolutionary, it ultimately lead to development of the bike that RC was able to win on. Around the time that Dungey ... more »