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Whenever an "either/or" question gets posted I can hear Matthes' voice saying.... " OR..... "

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I'm still a bit confused about this reprocessing. I mean, I understand the concept but in a more tangible sense, how does one undergo this process? Hank_Thrill, what exactly is it that you meant when you said "once we got to exploring that emotion". ... more »

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I found this interview disturbing. Like watching some science fiction caricatures. Is this where masculinity has veered off to in the 21st century? Where have the Mikolas, Bradshaws and Hannah's gone? Herlings looks like a Sephora employee.

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Chino folks! Chino! Fifteen minutes!!!!!!!!

Chino will always be Bad Billy's hometown. ... more »
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I too would appreciate a link to that.

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When did Weege do that? Was that a previous Pulp show or was that one of the other podcasts?

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Can anyone explain to me where that silly pulpmx "drop" comes's supposedly Deegan (someone pretending to be Deegan) talking about Ryder D. Matthes used the drop a lot on the Nicolletti show few weeks back. Anybody know what I'm talking about? ... more »

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My opinion: RC can't make up his mind whether he is a color guy or a play by play guy. Sometimes he goes into play by play mode which is Leigh's job. So then Leigh has little to say. It sort of almost makes the case for the Paul Malin MXGP one-man solution, ... more »

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Blake Gutzeit was riding a kick-start YZ250 in hard enduro for a few years. At times it's hard to watch...poor guy having to kick start it in the worst places...

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Add me to the list of VP jug owners. Bought mine in the mid 90s.

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I see what you did there....nice.

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I would have guessed Kiedrowski, or maybe Taddy B.

But yeah, I always liked Dowd too. Hope he gets well soon.
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I hate to crush the dreams of the OP but I agree with this ^^^^. Besides the lower pay (and crappy benefits), working in highly desirable industries is extremely competitive. It's like a rat race on steroids. I have a BSME and spent my career mostly ... more »

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I have some Canvas MX stuff. I like the fact that you can customize it. I wanted all white without any graphics, so that's what I got. I hope Canvas continues offering this option. They seem to run a little small though on the pants. Not so much the

... more »
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Just noticed Alessi running what appears to be a YZ250 kickstart lever on that 06' 250sxf. Interesting.

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Can't say I was influenced to buy, but I think it was Swapmoto's apparent product placing of O'Neal that made me (re)take notice of it in recent times. Anyway I'm old(ish). My first pair of dirt bike boots were O'Neal Trail Lite back in the late 80s. ... more »

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An empty sprinter has an MSRP of about $37,000 and that's the shorter wheelbase version. Once you outfit the van, you are looking at a number approaching six fingers. Five sprinter vans..haha! Funny.

But seriously, can someone please explain what we are so worried about? In 1984, when team honda rolled up with their custom one-off factory bikes, and their riders spent the week training at Hondaland, and some privateer with a local dealership sponsor rolled up with his mostly stock 1984 RM250...did that disparity kill the sport? I feel like in our quest to be professional/legitimate/marketable/televised, we've turned into pussies. I always hear about how 450s have closed the gap between privateers and factory supported riders. Honda and KTM even offer factory edition models. The sport survived when we were unprofessional, untelevised, and underfunded. We are in a far better place. At least it seems that way to this layman.
Flame away....

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Don't you think the electric revolution has the opportunity to lower costs eventually? The tech will become more affordable. Maybe even a sealed engine and spec batteries? Less wear parts, less time rebuilding engines, etc. Teams can focus on suspension settings and the power curve will be adjusted with a laptop. Just a thought...

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I never suggested they would be reviving Alta. I think it's pretty obvious they will not be doing that. But corporations don't typically spend large sums of money to study something and then do absolutely nothing with the knowledge they gain.