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World Vets 2020!!! Or Vet MXdesNations????

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I ride a YZ250 now, and I've had plenty of 2-stroke 250s as well as a few 450 thumpers. I love the YZ250. Most versatile bike I've had. BUT....if you are coming off a Rotax powered big bore 4-stroke, the 2-stroke is going to feel extremely foreign to ... more »

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On the Fly Racing RacerX Podcast from St. Louis Weege was talking about how he asked Wil if he was going to race for the Virgin Islands at the MXdN. I thought that was pretty funny.

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Hmm, Read Street in Perris. Bit of a drive from Nor-Cal.

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In this particular example (above), couldn't you also just release all the air out of the fork?

(or just run the tie-down hook over the spacer in between the hub and the fork) ... more »
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I am bummed that KTM killed off Husaberg and their forward leaning 4-stroke motor, yet they seem to have no problem bringing on GasGas as a stand alone brand. I hope Sherco and Beta don't get bought by KTM.

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Yes Steve M. Is looking slimmer than years past. Saw you photogging today GuyB but you looked busy so I kept my distance. Fun weekend but the blisters on my hand...yikes!

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I'll be there. +40 two smoke slow poke. (I turn 45 on tuesday, couple days shy of the +45 class - doh!) Showing some love to the motherland.

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perhaps a bit of a stretch but that gas tank reminds me of a tank I've seen someplace before...

... more »
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I've been around for a while and I've seen McGrath do that from time to time but it never made me think "oh shit, this dude is going over the bars!". Watching what Hanny did at RBSR, there was a split second where I thought the dude was about to crash. ... more »

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I don't think Matthes is a hypocrite. I just think he lacks the skills to effectively articulate his thoughts sometimes. This can lead to debate not just on message boards but with his pal JT$ as well. At the same time, his informal "proletarian" vernacular ... more »

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waffle waffle waffle... No, I'm kidding. JT$ is great on the mic. Although sometimes you have to be patient as he weaves his way around the long way toward a solid point. Overall I agree with the OP, dude is solid as they come!

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Can I claim Poland won "at the MXdN"? Might be our only chance ever to say those words.

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I was about to throw Wes into the mix. Watching this dude is addicting. MFer, you better be making a machine gun in there!!!!

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Was wondering the exact same thing...

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DV is the King of removing IG posts.

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I agree, it's too late to utilize that strategy now, and there's no question that my comments are an oversimplification. But I think there is *something* to it. The 250F teams field large stables of riders, often with a pair of alpha dogs. Remember when ... more »

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I'd like to see Honda quit messing around, pull out the checkbook and get a couple of contenders instead of relying solely on Roczen while trying to develop someone barely on the cusp. I think of the days when RJ and Bailey were teammates, or Stanton ... more »

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I always liked the 97' World Championship factory KX250. That's a retro build I'd like to do.