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Your brake perch smiley face is cool!!! How did ya make it drill and dremel?

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That thing is coolio..

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A dude in the shop said it was the magura blood fluid.. says it swells all the seals up... dunno but I got a couple new seals coming so we will see But I did clean the banjo and nipple as I thought it might be clogged it wasn’t tho..

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Yes it is and I tried that and it doesn’t push fluids either way... reverse bleed is the way I originally tried

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So went in a trail ride ended up overheating my clutch in a boondocking session.. went to change my fluid the next weekend.. and I can’t bleed my clutch?!? I have hooked to vacuum suction and have tried zip tying the lever open and cracking the bleeder ... more »

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I would rock it... if the bead is seated all the way around then your golden. I have done similar and the only time it was a problem is when the bead won’t set correctly.. next time get the tire warm and use dish soap or just be more careful

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So the 93 kx 500 brake pedal fits the kxf250?? Does it work the other way around?? Kxf to kx??? Any modifications??i have a 500 and find decent shifter and brake pedal are hard af

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I have swing arm off a 08.. sell for cheap

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Yup he wants to cruise the fire roads

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No racegas? Sunoco or VP?? Go get some Sunoco 110 and mix it 50/50 with the 93 non ethanol

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I thought RAHA and fosters videos were way cooler.. axells was the same shit on his Instagram/YouTube

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So my buddy did this swap but his was a 05 yz 250... he took the brake, shock, linkage, wheel, pretty much the whole ass end off the yzf and put on his yz.. we read that it needed shims or that it was offset but we didn’t do any of that bolted straight ... more »

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When I wore LBZ gear and did heel clickers/ no footed can cans over every jump in 125 jr in about 16-20th place

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I wouldn’t go to Boise or even idaho it’s horrible

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Hell ya OMC

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It blows my mind tha people get that crazy over mini racing!!

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Haha photos from a potato

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Hell no I wouldn’t trade

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I have a 17 tc 250 and I just did first top end on the bike since new and it had 80 hrs on it and when I pulled apart it looked awesome.. but I keep clean air filters in bike and maintain my bikes also.. 88hrs could be a lot with shitty maintenance but ... more »