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X5 love it, so do my buddies

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Sounds like it’s your bar mounts.. do you have a solid piece across the top of your bar mounts?? To fix loosen the bar mounts straighten bars and back and forth tighten(little at a time) back to spec... and get a solid top mount...

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Easy to deal with.. I have sent a few there, I was hAppy with product/ service

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Why can’t we just leave the points how they are... Tomac didn’t show up for a couple rounds and should suffer from his shitty rides.. is he putting on a clinic the last couple rounds yes but Anderson is riding very well, why can’t he win the championship? ... more »

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This thread is dumb as fuck... this is why they race a series and don’t give championships for lap times

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Get the suzuki... parts aren’t bad and the bike s solid

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I always search for Moto fights on YouTube and there is some on here I have never seen... but the Hughes one always makes me laugh

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Desert racing with a buddy and we were jamming! I mean we both thought that we had our A+ riding game, 1st and 2nd place then all the sudden through the sage brush on the side of the trail... David kamo came fucking flying by us... we both got back to

... more »
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This pipe

has a number stamped in to it, the bike was raced in Reno to Vegas does the stamp mean it’s custom or just for the rider or nothing at all?... more »

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Hahaha!!! It wasn’t fucking Walmart oil

... more »
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I like the move both ways!! Webb was blocking riding defensively and Eli got sick of it and gave him some bars and it didn’t work out.. good racing!

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01cr 500 my buddy used 10-40 synthetic oil and he burned his clutch down... I told him it’s to slick of a oil and he should use 85wt (the Honda red bottle to be exact).. I just remember I ran synthetic 10-40 in my RM and the clutch felt like it was slipping ... more »

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It’s vital dude... anymore it’s bitching about everything!!!

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I know I will get smashed for this but I would kinda like to see the triple crown at Daytona... Let the harsh comments begin!!

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Sorry I had too
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So what’s the problem? Go drop a $20 bill

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Ran them for over 20years... I was given a no toil and didn’t think the quality was worth a damn!! I know people love them and swear by them but I thought they were garbage... my 2cents

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Good place for a Yamaha

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I agree put some hrs on the bike as is then start revalving/ changing stuff... then you will know if you are going the right or wrong way.