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Not around Portland OR where I live. You are lucky to find a place to park or get a pass at any outdoor area around here.

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I see you're in Amboy. Super nice day to be out today. I'm building a house over by the Grist Mill. Can't wait to be done so I can build some trails/tracks. What machine are you running? Looks like Case? I've got a Mitsubishi BD2G, a 5ton mini and a ... more »

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Chiz is Chiz.

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It sounds like a great role model. Too bad it's not part of the sport anymore. It brings so much to the table. *"It" being the labeless gender neutral being that is "Pink".

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450 moto two start

Look at Pourcel's lean angle. That is gnarly.

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Not sure if this has been posted before but it's great to see our sport get a little more limelight. Dungey on Fox News

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You'll want a camera that does 1080p @ 60fps. Here's a list of DSLR cameras that fulfill those reqs. Here's a list of mirrorless cameras that do the same thing. Do you have any lenses right now or starting from scratch?

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Companies don't release specs on cams? Crane Cams

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It's the new buzzword. I bet you'll hear the broadcast crew using the term now.

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Coming from Sweden I wouldn't expect much more, but I have to ask. Are you serious? That is some overt propaganda right there.

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Bummer for Lamay. Looks like his bike puked on him in the 1st turn. Pulled the holey and then just stopped dead.

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And it's back up.

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Compare that with this. Not a fanboy, but listen to the engine note. Near the limiter, but in the meat of the torque curve, not just making it sound like he's going that fast. You need to carry momentum in sand, and riding in as high of a gear as your

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I live and work right around this track on 119th. I went to school just around the corner and every time we passed on the bus I would salivate looking at the track. That was 17 years ago but it still looks sick! Haha. There are fresh tracks there all ... more »