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Reply to Chad/Tate Lessons... 1/18/2022 6:08 AM

What do you do with all your extra time from not spelling out why and are?

Reply to is RC the only rider to chose deliberately an inferior bike? 1/18/2022 6:04 AM

I’m pretty sure Honda made him ride that thing because they knew he would win on it, thus proving it “competitive”

Reply to How long to run handlebars? 1/17/2022 5:53 PM

Cool information, from both of you guys! I mean realistically this was kind of a rhetorical question, I’ve already ordered a replacement set. 85 bucks is a hell of a lot cheaper than a hospital visit! And I’d say I got my money’s worth about 8 seasons ... more »

Reply to 2004 Canadian Factory Honda CR 250 1/17/2022 11:29 AM

True! I wouldn’t hesitate to send some shit off my yamaha up his way, depending on how smoked I’d get on the exchange rate and shipping

Reply to 2004 Canadian Factory Honda CR 250 1/16/2022 8:31 AM

Love it. I’m American but I have a soft spot for Canadian moto and Blackfoot in particular. Buddy of mine worked with/for Blackfoot and MX101. Rode his 06 or 07 CRF450 that was either an old team bike or set up with some similar parts and was blown away. ... more »

Reply to Replacing Steering Stem Bearings?? 1/16/2022 8:25 AM

Yep, works like a charm. As far as the races I just have an, oh I don’t know 18-24” steel rod I cut out of god knows what. That and a torch’ll do just fine. Then I freeze the race and torch the frame then pop it in with a tapered driver.

Reply to Adam Chinchilla 1/16/2022 8:17 AM

Usually once everything is back in it’s place, there’s gonna be a ton of pain but as long as it holds up you won’t make it worse. So why not go for it?

Reply to Roczen interview with Kristen Beat (sp) WTF?!?!?!?! 1/16/2022 8:02 AM

I have no idea what’s going on with this one, but I’m here for it

Reply to Good to hear ZO racing 1/15/2022 9:29 AM

Looking at those lap times it sure seems it. Good to see. As far as the why can’t he race SX I mean if he feels off at a local race he can pull off, no biggie. If he’s on a factory contract expected to win not so much.

Reply to Seat Cover Companies/Materials 1/13/2022 12:07 PM

I’ve had one from traction mx on two bikes now (same cover swapped over) she’s showing her age but the thing has done me well. And they’re pretty cheap if I recall correctly

Reply to Cylinder head cleaning 1/13/2022 10:39 AM

You can pick up a soda blasting kit to hook up to a pressure washer pretty cheap on Amazon

Reply to Sunoco GT260 1/12/2022 6:00 AM

Does GTX have ethanol or not? Cause if so my dealer lied to me and I gotta pump that cocksucker out and get some VP in there

Reply to Netflix - Drive to survive..... 1/11/2022 8:50 AM

Personally I’d love it. Would it do as well? Probably unfortunately not.

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Reply to Amsoil Sabre Synthetic Oil 1/10/2022 9:43 AM

I’d be wary personally, but if it’s good in a weed whacker or blower that is wide open all day every day perhaps you’re fine. I’m a motul guy these days, but I will second that dominator is a solid oil. I ran it for years at 44:1 or 50:1 and never once ... more »

Reply to New Yamaha yz 125 gas/oil mixture for break-in 1/10/2022 9:39 AM

Exactly this. I don’t think people understand that every bike that rolls off the assembly line has already been on the dyno and held to the wood. Now does that count as a break in? No. Do I break my bikes in per their recommendation? Also no. I’ve done ... more »

Reply to Malcolm Stewart Pace at End of A1 1/10/2022 6:08 AM

Love seeing this kinda analysis as kind of a data nerd. And seeing mookie doing well. Keep it going

Reply to Pit Bits from A1... 1/9/2022 2:12 PM

On the Honda oil, I’m goin motul?

Reply to Bench Racing - Anaheim 1 Timed Qualifying 1/8/2022 3:59 PM

I don’t wanna pick Thompson but…might be necessary

Reply to Filthy Phil sandbagging the 250 class 1/8/2022 9:54 AM

I agree. If people are gonna lifetime it, just make it a national championship.