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I've gone twice...parked near the stadium in the parking garages...and have had relatively little trouble getting out of there. You're within walking distance of Pioneer Village and Pikes Market...little bit of a hike. Lots to see and do in that area. ... more »

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Set to return at Lakewood....autograph signing at Native Roots

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You da man oscottie!! I'm hoping it's under.....(edit: it's NOT under what I was about to say for price). Haha. Still think I might do it though.

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Thanks! Optimistic that there are a couple angles....but I already contacted AP Designs as well....I'm going to NEEEEEED one of these in a Bell Moto-9 FLEX.

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Anybody got a pic of that from the weekend please and thank you? It's on the cover image of this week's Good, Bad, & Ugly...but I can't find the actual image anywhere. Any help appreciated.

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That crash kept me from scoring (in all probability) about 280 fantasy points with my squad this weekend. I was pumped when I saw him come clean through the first turn...and all came crashing down...literally. Glad he's okay though. He got ... more »

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I agree with this. My opinion? Not that it's worth a pile of that the chances of Kenny recovering to the level of pre-Anaheim ability is slim to none. Of course, I hope I'm 100% wrong on that...but my gut tells me I'm not. This whole thing ... more »

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He's in the middle of his farewell tour and doing just enough to get the job done. Although...I do feel that Roczen's crash has a slight effect on his psyche. That "close moment" Saturday night happened right in front of me. He basically was just about ... more »

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Kind of reminds me of Minnesota Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater. It was said that, had the medical staff not acted as quickly and efficiently as they did that day, it was VERY possible that he would have lost his leg. Scary stuff.

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Should be ready to roll by

... more »
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That magnetic visor has been a process that started over 5 years ago...before the V4 even released. Really surprised that this hasn't made it to production just yet. It's a killer idea.

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Bottom line...regardless of who's putting these things together (Ash or otherwise), Monster is light years behind Red Bull in ability and execution when it comes to putting these marketing packages together. One needs to look no further than ANY of the ... more »

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Before I even go look that up...I'm going to go ahead and guess that you're talking about Bob Hannah on a Honda? Edit: My bad....O'mara. I just remember the promo tape that Honda sent out to all of their dealers back then. I watched it so many times ... more »

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That's funny that you say that. I've watched Cameron ride locally since he was a wee lad on 65's...and he has ALWAYS been extremely animated on the motorcycle. His style is a departure from the norm, but if it works for him, and he's flowing (which he ... more »

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I myself, am waiting for my D.I.T.D. lid to show up. I love the Bell Moto-9. One of the top 3 in the question. I have my pick of any helmet I want as I sell them all.

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I've got 1 XL left yet for sale.... Wait til the green one shows up

... more »
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Hadn't heard the JJ's to Honda one yet...but I DID hear that they were pulling their money from RCH....