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Reply to Anyone missing a 19 250 XC-F? 5/23/2019 2:45 PM

How did you come across it?

Reply to 2018.5 KTM 450 Cone Valves Trax FMF Vortex 5/22/2019 9:07 PM

its 15000 for everything?

Reply to Missing Marc de Reuver 5/22/2019 1:54 PM

Great podcast. He is pretty funny.

Reply to Riders are prohibited from jumping obstacles on the first lap of the first practice 5/22/2019 7:10 AM

That not true. I see guys every weekend in the untimed practice hit everything lap 1.

New thread Kristen Beat's BF gets called up to the Majors 5/22/2019 4:17 AM

LHP for the Phillies gets the call up from the minors for the first time and has a great game. She can be seen getting emotional after more than one of the 7 s/o he recorded that day. Non-Moto but still pretty awesome. ... more »

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Reply to Diana’s got that ”Steeze” 5/21/2019 5:22 AM

"Steeze" was a word I used to hear from Cleveland area rappers around 2008 .. it came and went faster than JS7's time with JGR. It means style. Kid Cudi - The End (2010) Lyrics: [Verse 3: Kid Cudi] Cheese came through at 3 Salute, at ease, C had supplied ... more »

Reply to Hooters and PC ??? 5/20/2019 4:26 AM

What did we miss?

Reply to Throwing that Anti Whip Steeze 5/18/2019 6:04 AM

This POS is a case study on what happens when your parents starting letting you drink Monster at birth.

Reply to Throwing that Anti Whip Steeze 5/18/2019 5:27 AM

Nope, not even close. Turning your bars in the air doesn’t constitute anything except turning your bars and definitely doesn’t equal whip or anti-whip or whatever you think is going on in that clip. Then calling out other members saying they can’t compare ... more »

Reply to Pulp show @ Works Connection Friday 5/15/2019 2:32 PM

Sold out!

Reply to Hangtown weather? 5/15/2019 8:22 AM

Calling for partly cloudy Fri and PM rain Saturday.

Reply to Nike MX Boots? 5/15/2019 4:54 AM

From JS7 at a one of the SoCal tracks. If I remember correctly he went on social media saying he only has 2 pairs and I think he got them back shortly after.

Reply to RedBull posts the 5 gnarliest National MX Tracks 5/15/2019 4:45 AM

lol their first post is to reference a 3 year old article? Seems like some MXA shit right there.

Reply to Sunny Garcia? 5/14/2019 2:28 PM

Per Surfchannel Hawaii someone close to him had reported his passing earlier today in error.

Reply to Matthes 5/14/2019 10:31 AM

I thought that 4 years ago and it keeps getting better. Steve has my dream job.

Reply to What happened to “Kyle Regal”.? 5/14/2019 10:25 AM

If you dont help pay my bills fuck ya!

Reply to 2019 Supercross Fun Fact 5/7/2019 7:39 PM

The guy with the most wins won the 450 title. I would argue he was the fastest guy.

Reply to Style check 5/7/2019 7:35 PM

Where are you racing where there is a fucking steer on the track?

Reply to Offer up deal of the day 5/7/2019 7:27 PM

Bro! MotoXXX seat cover, custom short front brake lever, nice set of street worn dirt tires, and a t-shirt cannon air filter. Even the front brake cable routing is custom! If he will sell it with the bottle of antifreeze sitting next to the bike he might ... more »

Reply to Keefer progress? 5/7/2019 3:56 AM

RV said at the live show that he saw him ride at Milestone a couple weeks ago and shouldn’t have a problem making the motos.