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So what does that say about Honda?

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Good stuff

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With the same results. It's never been the bike for him.

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You are just a troll! Move along!

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It suck not having him at the races. Hopefully its in the budget to bring him back next year.

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That clue is in the pictures.

New thread Old Pro Race Box Van. 8/8/2020 9:08 PM

It's always cool to see these old Van's. Brings me back to the days when racing and racers were more accessible. I remember sitting on the rear bumber of this box van at the L.A. Colosseum as a kid. I listed this in for sale for him if any interest.

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New thread 1986 Ford Pro Race Box Van. 8/8/2020 8:56 PM

Parked about 20 years ago. He wants to sell it. It's going to need work to get it going. Hasn't started in 5 years. Not sure what it's worth. I'm thinking about 2 grand. But not sure. Located in Chatsworth ca.

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"Conform or be cast out"

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I believe he 5'6". But still a little guy

Reply to Has anyone tried R-Jerky? 10/4/2019 5:55 PM

Yep, it's really good.

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I guess you never seen James and Ricky push each other to limits never seen before. You can find them on YouTube.

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You know how its the weekly vital show. Unfortunately this sport is a what have you done lately. Im impressed by all these riders. After 40 years of following dirt bikes im still amazed how all of them ride

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Who else would you want? Just curious.

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I think robbie will if he get a good start

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Route 65 goes to McGvyer cabin and the radio tower. We've been going there forever. They have shaved down the roads for the 4 wheelers. The 4.5 miles into the cabin is still fun but it was full of side by side. There was a line of them. All the surrounding ... more »

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Rode dove springs (red rock canyon) in so cal today. Its been about 8 years or so. Most trail are closed and the others the others are flattened by big tractors. Ive been riding tgere since the early 80s. Its so bad now. I must have seen only about 6 ... more »

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When Ricky was racing they had haybales. He landed on a couple from big jumps and exploded them and kept going. Fun to watch