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That is a great pic as most of yours are but i would love to get a wallpaper of that side by side ass on the fender wheelie. it just says moto.

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Does anyone have a photo of Tomac and Canard drag racing down the the mechanics straight at Unadilla? With the way the sport has evolved and people "jaded" by how incredible these rider are, its hard to get surprised anymore. That pass was so cool to ... more »

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RIP my friend Mr. Al Holley! Great person. So down to earth. Funny as can be. We will miss you.

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RIP to a true legend!

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In your decision to back your favorite rider. Would you stop backing him if he went to a different manufacturer that you did not like?

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I've seen tons of radiator twisted and punctured. They can be repaired. Call the guys at Radiator Works in Northridge. I know Russ at Pit Pros sends his there.

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This was one of the best Vegas Finals I have ever been to. The crowd went nuts when TP did this on the first lap of the heat race. The next corner TP let KW by and didn't race the main. I think he had an ankle injury. Btw i'm sitting in the crowd with ... more »