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Reply to Monster Energy Supercross 2 5/10/2019 2:17 PM

I've found them all but one. It is a quest now....

Reply to Who’ll Pick Tickle? 5/10/2019 9:50 AM

I think he will have to do like Deano and prove himself with some good finishes. With what seems to happen every Supercross season his phone will be ringing soon.

Reply to Is Musquin gonna move? 5/9/2019 3:58 PM

He started the season hurt and as he healed up and he got stronger his finishes improved. What if he had come into the season healthy? He was right in there till a couple of mistakes hurt him. I think he stays right where he is. Not sure who is out there ... more »

Reply to Why does Feld feel they need to have a NASCAR driver in the booth? 4/28/2019 2:29 PM

I thought AJ did a good job and added to the broadcast. Might have taken some of the burden off RC to talk as much.

Reply to Double d. :) break up the monotony a little. Damn miss her. 4/26/2019 10:54 PM

Man if I had a couple of bosses that looked like that I would have never retired. ?

Reply to MXGP 2019 (Game) 4/24/2019 10:09 AM

As I said before I have been gaming for a long time. Now days I play more racing sims than anything else. I have a nice rig I use for iRacing, Project Cars, Forza 7 and others. Most other games don’t hold much interest to me anymore. I use to play the ... more »

Reply to MXGP 2019 (Game) 4/23/2019 8:18 PM

Flatout I for one always appreciated your insight. I am by no means a wiz at playing these games but I enjoy the hell out of them. I have been gaming all the way back to Atari 2600 and Commodore 64's so having what we have in games today leaves me in ... more »

Reply to CBD oil questions 4/22/2019 11:32 PM

Is there a big difference in pill form or oils? I bought a bottle of the 15mg pills from Charlotte’s Web mainly because I thought they might be easier to take and digest. I have terrible acid reflux and can take the pills with a meal and not have issues. ... more »

Reply to Photo of your RM125 - past and present 4/22/2019 11:11 PM

Here is my RM125 ( sorry can’t remember the year) and even had a pic of it with my Maico.

... more »
Reply to If Kenny never wins again 4/15/2019 11:34 PM

I hope he wins again and if he does it is hard to imagine anyone not being happy for him. He has come a long way. When he had his accident I thought it might be the end for him but that dude proved lots of people wrong. When we were at Anaheim 2 he got ... more »

Reply to How is the title viewed if Eli wins? 4/15/2019 9:29 PM

Wouldn’t matter because it is a points championship. Last race the points leader is the champion. Simple, no asterisks or anything else.

Reply to Silly season 2020 4/15/2019 1:48 PM

I agree with this. I think he stays. It sure seems like there is some traction to him being happier now and I saw somewhere he was talking about setup and next year. If KTM is cutting back on spending maybe they cannot pay MM25 what he wants. You know ... more »

Reply to Cord cutting update 4/11/2019 5:30 PM

I’ve been following this thread and was curious what the replies might be after I saw the price increase announcement yesterday. All the services are the same and will keep raising prices. I am moving soon and was only planning on getting internet service ... more »

Reply to Tyler Enticknap Update 4/8/2019 10:18 PM

Shoot the dudes have a dream and are pursuing it. Hope he heals up and if he wants to get back out there then more power to him. Get well soon.

Reply to Baggett's velvet-glove treatment of Webb? 4/7/2019 2:05 PM

I think he just waited for the right moment and made a clean move. Good smart racing. Even if he had got by Webb earlier I don’t think he would have had anything for Eli.

Reply to Petition to Fix the Announcing and Broadcasting of Supercross (Fire Ricky) 4/6/2019 10:32 PM

Reed did a great job on Race Day Live. Been funny if when RC told him to just go ahead and tell us you are coming back next year if Reed had said “ I’m taking your job next year”

Reply to Nashville SX - Timed Qualifying Bench Racing 4/6/2019 1:50 PM

Yeah that is so frustrating.

Reply to Buyers beware 4/5/2019 3:47 PM

I use to sell a lot of stuff on eBay and some forums but don’t really bother anymore. I sell a few sim racing related items on the iRacing forum but that is about it. I either sell to people I know or pass it along to family members. Things like this ... more »

Reply to Maico Comeback? 4/1/2019 8:37 PM

Couple of pics of pics of my old Maicos. Wish I still had all of them.

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Reply to Oh yeah no doubt anymore something wrong Tomac-here’s why 3/30/2019 7:21 PM

It would not be in his best interest to lay up and not try. That would not look good to a team thinking about hiring him. Agree? Unless he already has a new deal in hand and figures screw these guys and just mail it in and not take any chances.