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Just to play devils advocate... How many years does LeBron have left in him? 2 maybe? Kawhi is going to have to share the stage with someone to be successful if he wants multiple titles. Sure would take some of the load off him playing with LeBron and ... more »

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I’ve got a feeling Kawhi goes to the Lakers. Lakers have not used their money they have left for any other big free agent so are they holding that back for somebody special? Me thinks so. 😄 the longer it drags out the more likely it seems. Kawhi has ... more »

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Back when I was racing I would wear Oakley or Scott over the glasses goggles. I would go to a local place that would sell like two pairs of glasses for $99 and get one pair just for riding. I would leave out the bifocals on that pair. I would take my ... more »

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Forget the truck and boat I love the location of the house. No neighbors right out your side windows.😄

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It seems to me her questions to tend to drag out some. I thought his reaction was hilarious.

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No had to kick the back sideways to close the tailgate. I could put the bike straight in and then hook a tie down onto he tailgate and pull it up against the back wheel. I pulled a three rail trailer with it if I had more than one bike to haul.

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I had a 79 Toyota SR5 long bed that was awesome for hauling bikes. Loved that little truck but when I wanted comfort and hauling you couldn’t beat the El Camino. Had my 85 El Camino till 2005 when I sold it and got a 2005 Tundra. Still miss that El Camino

... more »
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Exactly. MM25 is still a top rider. He came into SX in 2019 hurt and still made a run for the championship. I think it is a very good move by KTM. Who knows what will happen next year come A1. Anderson's title defense in 2019 didn’t go well so you never ... more »

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It didn’t look like AC gained an advantage to me.

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Dealer has offered to make it right so unless you can learn to fix your bike yourself bite the bullet and make the trip. Years ago I bought a brand new Maico 450. First ride and the bike quit shifting. Called the dealer the next day and they told me ... more »

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Old guy here that financed bikes when I was younger. Was always careful and did not jump into foolish deals but usually got what I wanted. I worked hard and wanted to enjoy things. Enjoyed the hell out of riding and racing all those bikes. If I had not ... more »

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Exactly. You are only the #2 guy if you don’t win. Cooper came in as the #2 guy and became the #1 guy by winning in Supercross. If MM25 stays where he is on a bike and program he is comfortable on he can be the #1 guy by winning. Doing that increases ... more »

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I've found them all but one. It is a quest now....

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I think he will have to do like Deano and prove himself with some good finishes. With what seems to happen every Supercross season his phone will be ringing soon.

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He started the season hurt and as he healed up and he got stronger his finishes improved. What if he had come into the season healthy? He was right in there till a couple of mistakes hurt him. I think he stays right where he is. Not sure who is out there ... more »

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I thought AJ did a good job and added to the broadcast. Might have taken some of the burden off RC to talk as much.

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Man if I had a couple of bosses that looked like that I would have never retired. ?

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As I said before I have been gaming for a long time. Now days I play more racing sims than anything else. I have a nice rig I use for iRacing, Project Cars, Forza 7 and others. Most other games don’t hold much interest to me anymore. I use to play the ... more »

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Flatout I for one always appreciated your insight. I am by no means a wiz at playing these games but I enjoy the hell out of them. I have been gaming all the way back to Atari 2600 and Commodore 64's so having what we have in games today leaves me in ... more »

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Is there a big difference in pill form or oils? I bought a bottle of the 15mg pills from Charlotte’s Web mainly because I thought they might be easier to take and digest. I have terrible acid reflux and can take the pills with a meal and not have issues. ... more »