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motogeezer 7/2/2015 4:55 PM

Here's what I was thinking:

Start a go fund me account at and I'll post it in the two private forums where Shane has some friends.

I don't know how much that will raise, but I can guaranty it'll raise some.

You can also link it to your FaceBook, or whatever...

Here at Vital MX, there are a lot of people who will talk trash about a go fund me drive, but screw them, post it here anyway.

Start a new topic called "Justice for Roosty" and put the link in there.

I know this has to be extremely trying and frustrating for you, and I don't know how Kevin Perry and Amanda Weinman aren't already in jail, but I'll do what ever I can from here to help put them where they belong.

It's pretty damned obvious from the evidence I've heard that Shane was either lured to Perry's house, or brought there by Perry himself.

Let's get the truth to a jury.

And there's this: Felony charges can still be filed after the civil case proves they were complicit.

Let's nail these bastards.


My e-mail is Feel free to hit me up for anything you need to keep this on track.

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roosty's mom 7/2/2015 4:23 PM
roosty's mom

Roostys mom here. Not sure what I'm doing. Just trying to get help with justice for Shane.

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