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He’s trying to talk, but not quite there yet. I’m willing to bet he’ll be jabbering away within a few days. It was good to see him with no breathing tube and a smile on his face.

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He’s trying to talk, but not quite there yet. I’m willing to bet he’s jabbering away within a couple days. He’s definitely out of the woods, and a full recovery is looking pretty odds-on from where I’m sitting.

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Way better than I was expecting, considering what he just went through.

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I’m going to bail out of work early tomorrow to go see him. Gonna try to get him to communicate with his middle finger.

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Guess where she got your phone number...

That's great news, Manny.
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No sweat, brother! Try to save a few of his Stellas for when he comes home. Love you, Joel!

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So, have you guys missed me? I went and saw Dwayne in the ICU on my way home from work today. I was amazed they let me in, being that I'm not a relative, but you all know what a cool and responsible looking dude I am, so there you go. Could have also ... more »

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Awesome race. Any one of six riders had a shot at the win for the last half of the race, then came Tetsuta Nagashima on a charge... Too bad NBCS isn't going to show anything but the premier class for the rest of the season.

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MotoGP calendar update: "The 2020 MotoGP™ calendar has officially been updated with the addition of a new date for the OR Thailand Grand Prix after it was postponed earlier in the week due to the coronavirus outbreak. The premier class will now kick ... more »

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Probably not, but a union carpenter chimed in earlier and said he'll be swinging a hammer until he's 73. Fuck that shit.

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This is the MotoGP thread. We Americans have no one in there. You need to start a WSBK thread if you want to talk about a motorcycle racing series with one American.

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I love it. Way more power than I can ever use, but only scares me when I ask it to.

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So, MotoGP isn't Moto-related? WTF? Oh and that Aprilia? I recently bought the motocross version:

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How's it hangin' Bobby? You've got a new handle since I've been over here. The Pink Panther and "92" are good clues, though.

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Yep, living the dream. The kids are out of the nest and the wife and I are on cruise control. Oh, and since last time you were out here, I got me a stick-burner upright smoker. The BBQ will be much better next time you're out this way.

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My memory ain't so hot either, it turns out. How's everything, brother?

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Yep, standard tuning.

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I think it's important to remember that a lot of people here have been around since the Fresh Dirt and Motodrive days, when noob bashing was a tradition. Old habits are hard to break. What cracks me up about this thread, is that there are guys with post ... more »

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I see the level of literacy is about the same as last time I was here...