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Premature Flagaculation

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1978 High Point shirt .... Is Tony DiStefino # 1 AND # 3 Jim Pomeroy ?

New thread Vital Vintage T-Shirts on my Etsy to fund my Viewing Muses 1/16/2020 10:11 AM

ISO sponsors to help me fund my SUPERCROSS & PRO MOTOCROSS PACKAGE! Check out my etsy

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MXON @ Budds Creek

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Nothing will ever top, having J-Law hog tied with giant zip ties in front of my car at Budds Creek 2014. Saturday Night - no shirt, no shoes, pants unbuttoned in the party camping area..... Hmmmmm

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Better hide your Cheeseburgers!

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I'm in, just need to borrow a bike.

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What's a campsite worth in the final hours? In Lot A no doubt.

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Getting closer. Designing some red, white and blue clown gear.

New thread MX0N18 Gear 5/14/2018 8:56 AM

Busting out my red white and blues. MXClown gear. It's on @ new level. So pumped for this motocross season...

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I hear there's an administrator job opening at Vital, also hear that any ole clown could do it. Or maybe I could be team captain at the Reeeed Buuuuddddd MXdN 2018!

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"How is everyone watching Monster Cup?" WITH THEIR EYES!

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He had that special way of making me look fast!

New thread My B00B's.... 2/4/2017 10:58 AM

....painting on stuff. Stuff you can own. Launching my 2017 Spring motogear collection. First couple of shirts are rolling off the line

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I'm free, I got credentials.

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Cook deer in beer, umum good f00dz!

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Is Windham coming too.......!?!