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I’m a fan of all of these guys, for sure, but I think it’s obvious that Webb wants it the most. Watching him charge from behind and make key passes late in the race, and then win...the dude never gives up. I’d like to see Roczen win a title before he ... more »

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I’m in northeast Florida and happy to deliver/meet up anywhere in Florida/South Georgia/Alabama. Otherwise shipping will be additional. Wheels have about 20 hours on them and are in excellent condition. Spacers included. Tires are in good shape. $600

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It gets significantly better once you clear all of the Abilities in Career Mode.

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So far, I like the game. It’s definitely not worth $80 but I digress...and I’ll buy SX5 in a year for the same price, I’m sure. The career mode is the best yet. Anyone know if your career mode abilities carry over to online? My only complaints (and I’m ... more »

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This is the wrong picture on the right part. It’s much taller than the stock one, too

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I was on the fence because I didn’t think they’d hold up. I’ve had these from SKDA on for a year now and they are really durable, and still fresh looking. It’s plastic/graphics refresh time again, too, and I’m using matte again.

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I’m too poor for white gear...Got about five sets of Fly stuff, though. Great stuff

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Just got these...

To go with these... ... more »
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Definitely the VAIRUS

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These guys are great to work with. They’re friendly, responsive, and the turnaround time is quick! High quality stuff, too. I just ordered another set from them. Sent them a bunch of pics of the ‘93 Factory YZ’s and they killed it.

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Both are great bikes, IMO. I’m 6’3” on a ‘20 YZ450 and I love the bike. They peg to seat felt a tad cramped initially, but I changed the pegs (FLO lowering pegs), Guts tall seat, and ‘19 YZ stock bar mounts (+5mm over ‘20-21 mounts). I’m using the stock ... more »

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Always appreciate when my buddy brings his camera out!

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I just ordered through WPS. I don’t think they sell the chromatic version, though.

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GYTR seat is back in stock. Just got one a few days ago.

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Try taking it to a seamstress. They should be able to tighten them up for you

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It’s way lighter, obviously, and definitely has a little more bottom/mid pull, especially when using a more aggressive map. I really only bought it because I got a deal through my local parts guy that I couldn’t pass up. It looks good

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Thanks! It’s actually a Pro Circuit Ti-6 Pro. The decals on the muffler keep burning off after 6-10 hours, though. I just stopped replacing them

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Congrats man, such a good bike! That Powerflow Kit was the first thing I did to mine, too. It’s such an improvement over the stock design. Enjoy! Here’s mine

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I have exclusively worn Fly stuff for a few years now. The Lite Hydrogen is definitely my favorite, fit wise, and it can be worn in 90-100 degree heat of Florida with no issue. The difference between the Kinetic and Kinetic Mesh is very noticeable, though.

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I wonder if this is FOR REAL for real?

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