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After not giving prizes for 2020 I think he bailed and shut down the website. Sad

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JN innovations

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Bring it Justin!! Braaaaaap

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Damn it, I was hoping you all would sit out and I would win a bike😘

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I messaged them on Facebook last week and they said sign ups will start next week.

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How much shipped to Cali?

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Ryan Morias might be the perfect fill in!! Just sayin

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Let's do it!!

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Are you willing to perform these mods if people send you their shocks. I bought the bike used with pro circuit suspension and the rear shock is holding me back. Mainly comfort. I'm not confident in it. Never know what's it's going to do. Every jump I ... more »

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Reed will bring in his CBD sponsorship for a title sponsor for JGR. Saving the team and giving him another year on the Suzook.?

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Mike and Jeff made alot of money racing. I couldn't believe the numbers. Just too bad their dad took all their money

New thread Sunny Garcia? 4/29/2019 8:50 PM

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Where can you get an 18 for around 4500 otd?

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Nobody brought up being sick. Seen him blowing snot out of his red ass nose while signing autographs. And on a day like yesterday im sure he was struggling. Damn good ride if you ask me.

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450 1. Reed 2. Tomac 3. Dungey 250 1. Plessinger 2. McElrath 3. Hill

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450 1. Tomac 2. Roczen 3. Dungey 250 1. Savatgy 2. Plessinger 3. Martin

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To be honest the IPO with Loyal3 was a joke. I wanted to invest $1000 just to get my feet wet. They only gave me $177.00 worth. Which came out to 7 shares. I sold yesterday when it was at $48.80 but whats interesting is Loyal 3 sells when they want. ... more »

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"I'm kind of amazed at the amount of negativity on the forum right now. Look at the number of hand-wringing topics out there...for no real good reason." Did you expect anything different? Not trying to start shit. And Im sure i will get some. The percentage ... more »

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Thank you. Yeah you can see the dirt being kicked up from his boot. It had to of twisted it pretty good.

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Photo #6 and #7 of the Hangtown pics on Home page might explain it. Sorry not a computer guy otherwise i would post the pics