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After watching the race i thought the same thing(so im a dumbass to for thinking how it could have been prevented). If you watch the video the riders are all bunched up hitting the triple. Look at the video and see how many guys are in the air at the ... more »

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I know motocross is motocross. But you have to think honestly when is enough, enough. Morias has been hurt every year since he has turned pro (10 years i think). Canard has had some serious injuries in the last few years. I know this is in their blood ... more »

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I believe 2XL company was made up from the guys who left Rainbow studios and in turn(braap) made mx unleashed. So they know what it takes they just need to do it. Now is the time since THQ is done

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No whoops this weekend on the animated track nap

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Didn't hughes and henry get into it while henry was blocking for lamson.

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I was just figuring someone would have hooked him up and it would have been easier than having to stand in a line to get in. And it sounds like you guys had a great time and he was treated the way someone of Brocs caliber should be treated, once inside ... more »

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I was not bagging on him at all, i was just wondering why? Then after some of the responding posts i realized its useless to even bring anything up on this forum.

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With only 2 riders making it out of the lcq really sucks. There where alot of guys at nicks level that didnt make it. Pretty much if you get 2 bad starts in one night your watching from the stands. Look who was in the lcq, kind of tough to be in the ... more »

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So im standing in line at 12:00 to get in, where all the regular folk enter that dont have some kind of credential. Broc Hepler was right in front of me with some of his buddies. Not bagging on his style at all, (worn out DC shoes, stone wash pants) ... more »

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The one thing that bugged me was it seemed like they built the obstacles (turns) higher. I sit in the same place every year(under the second level) and i couldnt see the whole track due to berms or part of the track being in the way. I could have been ... more »

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Weird thing, i was behind the starting gate and was watching Stroupe as the heat race was about to start. A few sconds before the gate dropped he was letting the clutch out spinning the rear wheel, then when the gate dropped he was just spinning. He ... more »

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2 more days, go buy some suzukis real quick. LOL im sure they would be getting some more help

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Good luck Jeff, but you dont need luck if you ride the damn thing like you know how.

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Whats the scoop with Kawasaki using Pro Circuit again

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Us grown ups need to remember these are 15 year old kids. This thread kinda got out of control and it seems like we are bagging on a kid that is fast and just wants to ride his dirt bike. I really dont think its fair to scrutinize

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Braaap, Braaap, Braaaaaaaaaaaaap, Brap, Brap, Braaaaaaaaaaaaap

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Promotofan is legit. Ive been playing the last few years and have won a few times, (including the US OPEN which was a $500 cash race) and have never had any problems. Ive had a few emails with Jeff Hopkins and he is a motohead just like the rest of us ... more »

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