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What I see is To mac is having a lot of trouble mid turn with the front wheel loosing traction for a second or so.

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I bought a 97 cr125 brand new and I loved that bike!!!!! Wish I had 1 now... Great find partner..

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A kit forks won't fit the stock triple clamps either.

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All I know is that they had the sweetest bikes and team riding gear, they looked so professional at the time and had some damn good riders too....

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I think the 0 on the side plate is the real price, although it is in darn near showroom shape!!

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Just my .02. I fought back trouble for years and it got to where just sitting on the couch would through it out. I went to a great back dr in dallas a and he finally did a mylogram and discovered that the bones on the back of my bottom vertebrae were ... more »

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I loved my 92 rm125. Just a few mods and it was a rocket ship!!!

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I believe if you were a factory supported mini intermediate racer, when you moved up to big bikes you could go down to the c class. I believe that is what Jason Edwards did years ago.

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I tried both the stage 1&2 in my 05 crf450r and liked both. Never had any problems with either and ran them for years.

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I like your thinking !!!!

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I sure was hoping he would win the east coast this year and he still has a chance but dang he keeps running into trouble in the mains...

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I remember seeing some posts from him.

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Jeffro, I had a spinal fusion in April of 14. Pelvis to the bottom vertebrae. Then I had pain in both hips after the surgery when I walked. Then about a year later I was fishing in a local bass tournament and my left leg went totally dead numb. Ended ... more »

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If it's at the point of not starting when cold, you can shim it and maybe get a little more use out of it, but the valves must be replaced.

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I like Malcom's interviews, he actually has some personality instead of the standard bs..

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Swan mx in Tyler Tx

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There are too many classes now... Fun is racing your dad in the over 40 class.. plus having my kids racing too.

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Shaun Kalos?