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Listen to the Pulp post race interview, Brayton explains his attempts and how he didn't want to get booed off the place. It has happened before ! I mean, this is not for a SX title right? have a good time, enjoy the hospitality, cash the check. Travel, ... more »

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Free livestream as I wake up. Life is great !

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Just imagine if they did to the shroud what they had done to the Husky side panels... KISKA designs is trying...

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Great show. thanks Just a suggestion though. How about some type of shock collar on GL's privates when doing this live and the listeners get to activate it? you know.. just so we get to hear the guest finish their thoughts? Kidding... Love GL, great ... more »

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Call me when Tipsy is replaced by Ruthwood Ledge

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Thank you so much for this. Ping, this is GOLD ! It reaches very close to me, my childhood, culture and connects so many dots. Far reaching and instructive. I never knew Laporte that well. So good. Thank you so much Ping, Broc and Danny & all others ... more »

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Now to get Dungey to get in trouble joining in this exact discussion....

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Oops, I must have not paid attention.. RC is now a Yamaha Ambassador? Or did Star Yamaha sign him too?
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Worked fine for me for the second time. Sorry to hear that.

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Apples and oranges... Meanwhile, last Dakar race did not see any of the works blue bikes finish...

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I grew up indoctrinated with the myth of the mighty CR500. The God machine of our sport. I would gaze at giant posters of Thorpe, Malherbe, Bailey, RJ, JMB... The symbol of Honda's domination, the red ultimate machine... Decades go by with multiples

... more »
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Anybody knows what's the arrangement that the top pros are using ( Manni, Graham, Gomez, etc..) on their factory TPI? I looked at the close up shots but cannot see their injectors on the sides of the cylinder and the fuel line from the tank is going

... more »

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This guy knows but does not want to go full Matthes about it.
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Great start! thank you. Awesome guest, we have some technical insights, business insight, mx history insights, and fun shenanigans coming soon. Awesome!

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Did I get this straight.... The legend JMB did not use deodorant? DeCoster played favorites? Time to get JMB and Roger on your show, Ping, and get to the bottom of this...

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The ONLY podcast I cannot listen to. Good thing you guys are here so I can read about the content. We need Keefer and Matthes to test Cooper Webb's YZ450F to set this straight.

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That Building! I prefer the all red of the MX models look. Rocs style clamps standard.

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1993 RM250 Brian Swink