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I gotta say I like it!!

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A swarm of blue wasps ! Love the blue excel rims too!

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Really diggin that one of AC with the roost coming off the foot peg!!!

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Follow her Insta gram and I can't wrap my head around the pain of an injury like that. Hope all goes well on this stunt. I lost my mom a year ago and her birthday is July 7th so its already a special day for me a world record would be cool to share on ... more »

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Engine ice.

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My 06 cr250 after winter build just washed from Sunday

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Man, Im so proud of my cousin! This is great GuyB. Stoked!

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The fact that KR was the points leader and was running up front say's hes still got it. How much flak is the macattack going to get for tipping over in the whoops twice and in almost the same whoop!!! Roczen will find his groove again , maybe not until ... more »

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Ouch. Christian Craig exited the final 250 qualifying session early after rounding off the corners of his GEICO Honda.
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pit bits showed a messed up bike with his mechanic riding back to the pits.Dude can't catch a break with that injury. His IG with his kids make my kids crack up though, seems to have the fam life down. On the 450 note, he did awesome last season I thought, ... more »

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Right on man, thanks for the input. My main riding spot has a lot of wide open sweepers and some fairly big hits. There is a few jumps right out of corners so it will be interesting seat bouncing them on a 250 2 stroke instead of my 250F.

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So I'm a bit torn, I don't mind having to fab the scalvini silencer to fit, but the procircuit ti 2 is looking like a good option. When the silencer is shorter it makes a bigger hit on the bottom end ? New to this whole 2 stroke power, really can't wait ... more »

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I like how the end cap looks on the Scalvini, but dang that bend is way off! My current silencer works okay its just beat up from the last owner and is one of the last things I'm looking to replace. I will probably stick with Pro-circuit combo at this ... more »

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Wondering if anyone has used these on their 2 stroke builds and what there thoughts are? I've got a Pro Circuit platinum pipe with a Pro circuit 304 that came with the my 06CR250 looking for something full carbon but its a bit much, this one is a pretty

Scalvini Factory Silencer - Aluminum With Carbon End Cap
... more »

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Sell my xl pin stripe ! $100

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Let's see wins the sx title this year! That may sway riders one way or another.. but AC and Kroc on a team would be sick!

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wild night of racing!

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He was ripped off his bike, any updates!!?

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