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Never had a bike with triple clamp offset options. Picked this 2011 yz250f up this winter. Should I use the holes closest to me or farthest? I know I can obviously try both but wondering which is stock or most commonly used. Thanks.

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Interesting. Was his name on there previously? I was browsing that list and saw Michael Lange, cycling, 2 year suspension and loss of results for... STRYCHNINE.

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Ryan you set yourself up for that one lol. But I agree banning scrubbing is definitely not needed.

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That sounds awful. Is that really what it's like?

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Lol nice try. Unadilla 2014 450 moto 2 23rd place best lap was 15 seconds slower than Canards's best. 31st place was 25 seconds slower. That was 1st and only race I looked up but guessing that's pretty typical.

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Well 40's but when I started racing in the 80's jumps were everywhere. But when I wrote that I was thinking of early mx. Unadilla crossed my mind.

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The real serious injuries and deaths we've seen over the last few years...were they caused by doubles or triples? I'm asking cause I don't know. I had a stupid crash over this simple tabletop last June. The face was just watered and I was accelerating ... more »

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I'm not going to argue but it would be interesting to see a lap time 5 laps on fresh tires and 5 laps on your throwaways and compare avg lap times.

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Well same jump and just as impressive but the Stewart video was WAY cooler with the slo mo and close up

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Red Bud is lots of fun. You can't see the whole track from one spot but you can see big sections of it from a couple spots. From one section you can see the sand whoops, a huge step down table, and Larocco's Leap. And lots of corners. That's where we ... more »

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C riders are fast. Just not through the corners lol. Especially rutted corners!

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That section was pretty easy. If you watch the video you can see Weimer comes up a little short on the backside of the table, then pins it and proceeds to case the next single while cross-jumping. Guys were clipping the back tire on that table all day ... more »

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I saw the race in person. There were at least 4 different rythyms guys were using in that first section. And the fastest few guys were not doing the same rythym. The triple out of the following corner was tough. 250s were casing it or not attempting ... more »

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Why couldn't they just design the difficult triples out of a corner, some rhythm sections and possible quads to be step downs or have tabletop type landings? I don't think it would affect the racing excitement or quality at all. The better riders would ... more »

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I'm pretty sure it won't just bolt on; need to machine the cases. I had the Eric Gorr 144 kit on my 2007 yz125 and it was def worth it. Huge increase over stock. I mean it's only a few horsepower but man can you feel those few extra horsepower. You will ... more »

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Had the same thing happen. I bet this is the fix! Who knew it would be so easy lol. I sure didn't. When I compared my stretched one to the new one it was significantly longer.

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Yes the regular ticket will get you in for practice and qualifying. There are no "early entry" passes like they used to have. I don't know anything about Friday. Have fun!

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It's not like he ever was or will be in a situation where he wants to go out on top like someone like Carmichael. He was never at that level. It would be sad to see someone like RC hang around to the point where he was struggling to make mains. But not ... more »

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23rd after 1st lap?! Did he not pass anyone or was even further behind at start?

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Herlings 1:51.698 lap 14!