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Just noticed JS7 compound and 17 new sx tracks are in the motodepot. I bought the Stewart compound and it's awesome. $10 seems a little steep though

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Didn't see any posts about this...Encore received a big update last week. They fixed the nationals frame rate issue. They play great now. Also it seems like the bike handling in general has been tweaked, but maybe I'm imagining it. Seems like steering ... more »

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Like some others mentioned, it's my understanding that the heart rate watches are not really geared for hard core exercise. More for checking your resting heart rate. Unless technology has improved in the last 6 months or so. When I was researching these ... more »

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They are very different techniques. Four strokes turn more with front end steering. Two strokes turn with the back end under power. Front wheel may start the turn but under power the rear wheel directs the bike around the turn. For those that were racing ... more »

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I work at an auto dealership and I guarantee all dealerships pay exactly the same for cars. Big volume dealerships simply get big bonuses at the end of the quarter/year. They do not get their cars at a cheaper price. Rebates are the same for all dealerships ... more »

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Naturally, lmao. Why don't more people have Stewart ranked higher??? 2nd all time total wins In 450/250 MX only RC, Hannah, RJ, and Dungey have more wins In 250f/125 MX he has the most wins in 450/250 SX only MC has more wins

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Not sure if there is designated parking but I do know it's free!

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I would like to know of all the bikes these guys are using, how many are stolen?

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Don't listen to all these people saying give it up and focus on college blah blah blah. Last I knew you didn't have college classes on the weekends

I was on the track and volleyball teams in college and they took up waaay more time than mx ... more »
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Like the saying goes...friends don't let friends ride Hondas. They must be planning to sell them

On a serious note sure hope they find those aholes. I had a bike stolen off my trailer when I was in college. Still had 2 more years to pay on ... more »
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I thought maybe you were being a little harsh on Zracer...until I read his last 50 or so posts

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Don't know where these came from, other than the Vital one.

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As I'm getting older I've found I'm happy with just going to the tracks on practice days and not pushing as hard as I would if I were racing. I still do most all of the jumps but they are relatively easy. I ride just hard enough to have fun and have ... more »

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I'm not saying the tracks are too rough in general but I know as a fan and spectator I'd much rather see the pros blasting around a nice loamy berm than tiptoeing through ruts like these! Boring. This is not enduro racing.

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If Roczen wins 15 of the remaining 18 motos and places 2nd in the other 3 and Dungey wins 3 of the remaining 18 and places 2nd in the other 15.... the final points will be Roczen 534 Dungey 533

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Isle of Mann TT - 242 deaths in it's 107 years of existence, according to Time Magazine. People refer to it as the Isle of death. Crazy.

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I recently picked up first 4 stroke and am realizing they may vibrate more than 2 strokes! First time out the bolt that feeds through the holes in the front brake pads to hold them on backed out. Pads fell out on the track. Second time out, while sitting

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Don't do it! Friend of mine flat-landed the Red Bud ski jump with a massive hangover. Crashed hard, slipped disk, back surgery. I'm convinced it was cause of his hangover. Brain wasn't functioning properly lol.

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Picked up my first four stroke this winter. 2011 YZ250f. Took it out to the track yesterday. Coming from a much easier to ride lol. Was super fun. Still going to take some more getting used to the different type of power. Turns different too.

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Got it. Thanks!