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Out of curiosity I checked the results of a couple 2004 nationals. At Washougal the fastest 250 (2-stroke) moto 1 time was 2:25.87 by Carmichael. The fastest 125 time was 2:28.52 by Stewart. Granted not the same comparison but should give you a pretty ... more »

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Quit telling the guy to buy other bikes! The first thing he said was "looking for a 450." He's a vet rider and former intermediate racer and has owned at least two 450's. He doesn't need your advice on what type of bike to buy lol.

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I think if Dungey wins the title this year he has a good chance to get 3 more and tie RC with 7 titles. I don't really see him slowing down in the next few years.

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I see what you did there. Made me look though!

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Doesn't seem to be slowing down in Michigan at all. I only do practice days last few years but I just checked the 2015 Nov 1st race results at Baja Acres and here's some numbers... 250 C - 35 entries 125 B/C - 16 The three 85 classes - 48 total entries ... more »

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I only rains 4 inches per year in Vegas. 0.12 inches avg in May

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Whatever you do DO NOT let Johnny Manziel rent your place lol

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That corner at 1:41 is insane!

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Come on guys let's be real here. It's obvious chemtrails are real. It doesn't take much investigation to come to that conclusion. It's not even a conspiracy theory anymore. But the question is what is the purpose? Geo-Engineering? Weather modification? ... more »

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How's the HD picture quality?

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Have you ever ridden on an mx track? If not I would suggest seeing if one of your local tracks has a practice day and do that first. And like harry back said hold your lines, especially on jumps!

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Check out how clean the air filter is. Pull the spark plug, particularly on 2-stroke. Check condition of chain and sprockets to see how well the bike was cared for in general. I would never buy a bike with shot chain and sprockets because you can assume ... more »

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I remember being amazed at his corner speed at Red Bud regionals when he was a B rider on Suzuki. Had a 1/2 lap lead on second place. Then went straight to Team Suzuki.

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Exactly. Field is stacked. Start is crucial. It would be nice to see Tomac holeshot and see what happens.

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Last few years I just go to open practice on non-race weekends. Get in a lot more riding for less money. And on the tracks that have timed sessions you can push yourself and kind of feel like you're racing.

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We played a game called Mexican. Really fun. Roll two dice, don't let anyone see what you rolled, and announce your score (or lie). For example you roll a 6 and a 3 and you say 63. The dice pass to next player. He rolls and has to beat your roll. He ... more »

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When I was 15 my dad said I could either continue racing or get a car. I chose the car. Sad. I bought another bike in college but it was stolen off of my trailer. Had to pay on it for 2 more years. Took about 10 years off and bought another bike in 2003. ... more »

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Good interview. Except when he said he was just trying to take the line away and gave Peick "plenty of time and space to check up." lol

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It's a much better game than the old one. Better graphics, better physics, new gear, and bikes. You need the update that came out a few weeks ago though. Also dlc has 17 new sx tracks. So between the original tracks, dl sx tracks, nationals from Alive, ... more »

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What a disgrace for Peick's sponsors and fans and an embarrassment to him. Throwing multiple punches at someone wearing a helmet? Wait until after the race and give him one good punch in the pits. Or throw some punches to the abdomen or kidneys at least. ... more »