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I don't understand all the complaining over the officiating last night. Jorgenson was block passed, accelerated off the track past an entire section and entered the track in front of the guy who passed him. Marv jumped on a red flag and was penalized ... more »

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I would assume that is a directional arrow. I'm sure a tire expert will come on and let you know for sure

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fyi MXA magazine fairly regularly gets their hands on factory bikes to test. The last two issues had reprints of their tests of Stewart's 2009 YZ450f SX bike and Reed's 2002 YZ250f SX bike.

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Did you look at his results last year before posting this? The majority of his motos were top 3. Multiple moto wins. Some motos with fastest lap time. Against Prado, Vlaanderen, Jonass. You're not calling Prado "no one" are you lol.

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You're right about the track conditions at Martin. He does a great job. Except around 5 years ago he was watering the face of the tabletop by the pits as I was approaching it on a 125. Rear end slid out and I landed completely sideways and pile-drived ... more »

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Are we playing the same game lol? I have some issues with this game but one thing that I don't ever recall happening is the AI contacting my back tire in a corner causing me to go down. Strange. And I was upset that you can't slide the back end around ... more »

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Come on kid. We all know you weren't screwing with us and you were in fact completely serious. You should have said hey I apologize I got a little carried away and things spiraled out of control. Learned my lesson, won't happen again. Also, you should ... more »

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Mark, it almost sounds like you know what you're talking about. Haha just kidding. Thanks for the more detailed explanation. You too Falcon.

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I see no one has mentioned speed yet. Counter steering only occurs ABOVE speeds of roughly 22-25mph. Slower than that and you simply turn the bars in the direction you want to go and/or lean.

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What's the key to turning on slow flat corners? It's like the bike won't turn. It's either that or I overcorrect and plow into the inside tuff blocks. So frustrating.

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Jake, does your local night school offer a reading comprehension class? Might do you some good. MxKing said Jordan has local A rider speed and was complimenting her. By saying he blew by her in practice but she beat him in both motos implies she was ... more »

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That is not what 50% chance of rain means. It means if you had a certain number of days with those exact same conditions, half of the days it would rain and the other half of the days it would not rain. It's 50% chance of raining

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I'd stick with the 250f for now. Keep your $1500 for other expenses or keep saving. You can ride the 250f somewhat similar to a 125 too. Work on corner technique and speed, and keeping up momentum. Don't coast into corners - use those brakes! That alone ... more »

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One of my best memories of mxon was Travis in this corner. 1st moto he got passed on the inside at the corner before the leap. Just a bit behind the guy going over laroccos leap and Travis flat out railed that berm on the outside passing the guy back. ... more »

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All I know is the only guy Plessinger has to worry about is Herlings!

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I remember switching from a 2004 KX125 to a 2007 YZ144 and I couldn't believe how much more power the 144 had. A much bigger difference than I expected. Of course the 07 yz125 would have been a nice upgrade in itself lol. Then I bought my first 4 stroke ... more »

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Don't let people dissuade you. The game is fun. Especially now that they have the 2017 replica tracks. Just keep in mind you have to upgrade your bike before it handles worth a shit. Doesn't take long at all though. That being said, I wouldn't pay more ... more »

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Gee thanks. Nice to start out my day with the stark realization I'm one step closer to death lol

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Mookie didn't fade. His avg lap time was 1.6 seconds slower than his best lap time. Same as Millsaps. Dungey's was 1.4. Reed 1.1. And that avg included the lap with the incident with Anderson that was a 1:21.28, 19.5 seconds slower than his fastest.

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We've stayed at the atheneum for last few years. It's nice and walking distance. Nice hotel bar. They have a shuttle too