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New thread Europe v USA at the MXoN 5/2/2020 2:44 AM

Some interesting statistics on the individual winners at the MXoN since 1981, Americans weren’t as dominant as it seemed after the 80s, but their influence was undeniable on the 90s generation of European riders. MXoN stats Europe v USA

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New thread MXGP interviews.. Evans, Cairoli, Vohland and more! 3/4/2020 7:14 AM

Andy McKinstry got around the paddock to talk to some of the stars from the weekend: Mitch EvansTony CairoliMax VohlandJago GeertsRyan Hughes

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New thread Liam and Stefan Everts interview 2/14/2020 2:35 AM

Managed to catch up with both Stefan and Liam at Hawkstone after Liam won the 125 class and, yes, he has a brilliant style and technique like his his dad! Stefan talks about Liam, his health battle and coaching as well as Jeffrey Herlings’ technique. ... more »

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New thread Jeffrey Herlings interview 2/10/2020 4:52 AM

I caught up with Jeffrey Herlings after his win at a wet Hawkstone and discovered a change in mentality ahead of the 2020 season. Jeffrey Herlings interview

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New thread Dan Reardon on a true world supercross championship, Australian supercross and AX UK 1/23/2020 2:28 AM

We caught up with honest Aussie Dan Reardon in Belfast to talk about a tough weekend in the first round of the UK AX championship as well as his thoughts on the growing Australian supercross series and why he thinks a world supercross championship would ... more »

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New thread Brian Hsu interview - still wants US supercross chance! 1/21/2020 11:51 AM

Brian Hsu won the opening round of the UK AX series and finished second on night two, doing it all on a 250f against the 450 machines in Belfast. Hsu was seriously impressive in terms of both speed and technique. Andy McKinstry spoke to the German to ... more »

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New thread Eric Kehoe interview 1/2/2020 3:15 AM

A great interview with Eric Kehoe on memories of his successful career, managing race teams, Ken Roczen, and working with Carmichael! Eric Kehoe interview

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New thread Roger DeCoster interview 11/4/2019 2:11 AM

Tom Jacobs caught up with Roger in Vegas to discuss his career, his current role as well as what the legendary Belgian looks for when signing a rider. DeCoster interview

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New thread Tim Gajser interview - MEC, MXGP and 2020 10/24/2019 4:18 AM

Tom Jacobs did a cracking interview with Tim Gajser in Vegas and covered all sorts of topics! Tim talks about his MXGP triumph to the changes he made coming into the MXGP season, the dedication it takes to be a champion at that level, as well as adapting ... more »

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New thread Justin Cooper interview - I’m ready to race now! 9/27/2019 5:12 AM

Andy McKinstry spoke to America’s Justin Cooper to get his take on being ahead of his first MXON and adjusting to life in Belgium and Holland! Justin Cooper interview

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New thread Gautier Paulin on the secret of the French MXON success 9/27/2019 4:56 AM

We caught up with Gautier Paulin to find out what he feels has made the difference to give France the winning edge in the MXON from 2014! Gautier Paulin interview - MXON

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New thread Jeffrey Herlings interview - injuries, MXoN and Prado 7/1/2019 12:21 PM

Got to catch up with a friendly Jeffrey Herlings at Desertmartin yesterday and get his thoughts on a year of injury, winning with a broken ankle, Prado moving up as well as his hopes for the MXoN at Assen. Although frustrated with his season, he was ... more »

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New thread Mitch Harrison interview - racing MX2 world championship and living in France 6/26/2019 10:37 AM

Mitchell Harrison is beginning to show what he can do in GP racing and just had his best result of the year in Germany. He spoke with Andy McKinstry and appears to have a great attitude about adapting to the world championship, he also talks about living ... more »

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New thread Ezra Hastings racing British championship this weekend - predictions? 5/1/2019 11:26 AM

American Ezra Hastings is racing in the British championship this weekend against some decent GP level riders in MX2 like Conrad Mewse, Dylan Walsh and more. Where do you guys expect him to finish? Read his thoughts on the experience and goals here. ... more »

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New thread Tim Gajser interview on that big crash at the British GP! 3/29/2019 7:09 AM

Tim Gajser explained what caused his huge crash in the British GP and how he feels back to his best after a tough two seasons with injury. Gajser interview

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New thread Cairoli interview - might race beyond 2020! 3/28/2019 5:49 AM

Andy McKinstry caught up with the world championship leader after his win at the Briitsh GP to talk about his day, his injury and how long he will keep racing for, giving an insight into just how smart the nine-time world champion is. Tony Cairoli interview

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New thread Giuseppe Luongo interview- new MXGP owners, GP in Australia, Assen MXoN and more! 2/27/2019 4:03 AM

We caught up with Giuseppe Luongo on the eve of the 2019 world championship to talk about the take-over by InFront promotions, the potential of a GP in Australia/Japan/ New Zealand, track maintenance, changes to the Assen track for the MXoN as well as ... more »

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New thread Shaun Simpson interview 2/12/2019 11:10 AM

Catching up with one of the most down to earth riders in the sport, Shaun Simpson, who is back on KTM for 2019 and very excited to get his long 30 race season under way this weekend at Hawkstone Park. He had some interesting things to say: Shaun Simpson interview

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New thread Sebastien Tortelli interview 1/24/2019 10:35 AM

I had the privilege of catching up with two-time world champ Sebastien Tortelli at the weekend (prior to A2) to talk about what he is up to now, battling with RC as well as Herlings and his thoughts on the start of the supercross season. Tortelli interview

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New thread Joel Smets on Herlings, Prado, Vialle and Red Bud 12/18/2018 9:55 AM

We sat down with the likeable and charismatic Belgian legend to get his thoughts on 2018 as well as the thoughts behind signing the realitively unknown Tom Vialle to the factory squad, and as usual, Smets had a very insightful take on a number of topics, ... more »

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