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Reply to Who the hell is Guillem Farres? 8/19/2022 4:12 PM

He's very fast, and showed some good speed this year in EMX and even MX2 in the odd race he did. Defintiely and young kid with a bright future if he can secure a good MX2 ride which he has a chance to get for 2023...

Reply to Vialle on going to the USA and MXoN 7/25/2022 1:05 PM

Listen here:

Reply to Do we want a third east/west 250 race? 4/7/2022 6:55 AM

Yes, at least three and make it the 250 supercross series - preferably it would be every round or the first half split into coasts then the second half of the year all that qualify going into the final rounds for the national championship, like the playoffs. ... more »

Reply to Herlings injury update and AMA motocross possibilty 4/7/2022 6:41 AM

Dirk interview ten minutes in...

Reply to Godspeed OCScottie. 4/7/2022 3:20 AM

Very sad to hear this, always enjuoyed his knowledgeable contributions on here, he had a real passion for this sport despite everything that happened. His account of his accident was written superbly and allowed people to emotionally go through what ... more »

Reply to Herlings? Gajser? Fevre? Who you got? 11/2/2021 2:35 PM

🤔 Have you seen how many GP wins he has?! That’s why he’s called the bullet. Injuries killed his title numbers not speed.

Reply to Herlings? Gajser? Fevre? Who you got? 11/2/2021 12:48 PM

I have interviewed Tim and he is very genuine and simply a really nice person. There is nothing fake about him whatsoever from my experience and he is very giving of his time to media and fans. And I am pretty sure virtually anyone who has met him briefly ... more »

Reply to Sorry Gypsy, but Jett not as talented as James Stewart 9/17/2021 2:07 AM

Herlings and Roczen won races at 15, Prado was two-time world champ at 18 and beat Eli on a 250 at Red Bud, Jett is brilliant and absolutely a generational talent but I wouldn’t say he’s better than those guys or Stewart at a similar age on pure talent ... more »

Reply to VMXdN 9/13/2021 2:36 AM

Great win for Northern Ireland beating USA

well done to all!
Reply to WTS J-Bone? 9/2/2021 12:58 AM

Looking forward to watching!

Reply to Free agent: Amazing 250 rider looking for a ride 8/27/2021 11:12 PM

Read what Rick had to say about it all below. I first remember seeing him dominate an EMX150 race at Lommel a few years ago and followed him since then because his talent was obvious. It’s great to see him have success this year in EMX250 after some ... more »

Reply to Premier Class? 250 Fastest at Budds Creek 8/26/2021 2:36 PM

The 250 class has generally been the deeper class in the US outdoors with more top rides available. I was watching the 2006 TGO today and the 250 class was stacked. In the early 90s it was the same with the 250/500 split and not all manufacturers having ... more »

Reply to Jorge Prado signs deal with Red Bull KTM (and extension to MXGP-class) 8/12/2021 1:25 PM

Wrong, two time world champ as a teenager and in the hunt for his first MXGP world title at 20 with very stiff competition. The kid is very, very special. He’s a generational talent just like JH and KR - but a totally different rider to JH, more like ... more »

Reply to Stefan Everts interview - his career! 8/7/2021 12:59 AM

Everts didn’t have to win that race either…Belgium won the event.

Reply to Gary Semics outdated? 8/7/2021 12:51 AM

Not at all. It’s still the same fundamentals. Ryan Hughes is teaching techniques Stefan Everts was using in 1990!

Reply to Cairoli has still "got it"! 8/3/2021 2:24 AM

What Tony is doing right now is phenomenal at his age. That tenth world title is in reach at 35/36 in a stacked field, it's amazing to be in that position whether he wins it or not this season.

Reply to MXON at Matterly Basin rumour? 7/30/2021 2:03 AM

Maybe Honda could give him the spare HRC bike to do it!