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GL should take over Nick Wey's ride. Langston with some momentum can still win or be up front.. Wey as hard as he trys never has and never willl.

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Americans can't beat International riders in their own series no wonder they dont race the World Championship with longer motos, longer series and more diverse tracks.. Most of the top international riders DO NOT race the the AMA they race GPs...

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California would probably still win a US State nations style race though..

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Er.. wrong if Dungey raced the MX2 GPs this year no-one would be crying foul, yet more bad losing from Americans... one second the GPs and the riders are inferior to the AMA and not a real world championship, then when a GP rider wins in lites AMA, the

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You are forgetting most Americans see Rattray as a new name because they don't follow the GPs... And What 16 year olds are keeping up with him? top 3 in points aren't American... and Barcia is 18, Tomac 17... What age is Weimar? Metcaffe spent years ... more »

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I'll will say nothing about the GP riders being 1 and 2 and the fact that it looks like a GP from 2007 without the fastest rider Cairoli... are the nationals 4 years behind the GPs? lol jk Americans....ha ha The Uk are looking good for the Nations with ... more »

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350 is fine Cairoli would have been challenging for the win...

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Yes I think it is one of the best they have done. buy it!