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Awesome to take a look back, thanks for posting.

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Wish I could make it, hopefully some of y’all can. https://promotocross.com/2019/08/16/services-announced-for-jonathan-mayzak

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I assume this is a 2 lane country road without much lighting, which made me curious how the vehicle was driving without lights at speed. Now the scenario makes sense. The only way is to follow a set of brake lights down the road. The 1st vehicle headlights ... more »

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Such a tragic loss, a hardworking man both on and off the track. When I heard the news I couldn’t believe it. RIP JM210

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Awesome. 10x more interesting with only 2 strokes

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250 all the way

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Awesome bike, congrats!

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Okay, I'll bite. Double displacement allowed to progress 4 stroke machines, which until recent history (20 years ago) were heavy and slow. Now they have as much or more HP than their 2 stroke cc equivalent, yet the rules still stand. The engines are ... more »

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Since they're the only ones that provide coverage I think I'll pick up a shirt in support.

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Racer X coming through again!

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MotoVated would be awesome, but they would probably need to connect the two tracks and expand parking/facilities to accommodate everything a Pro National requires.

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I don't recall the WMX series being full of 2 strokes. I don't care what gender the operators are as long as there's premix in the air...

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Electric torque is not constant, and it is highest at 0 RPM. http://lancet.mit.edu/motors/motors3.html

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Everyone in the pro class was once someone who I had never heard of. It matters.

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My wallet is waiting for a new YZ465 or 490...