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Top Gun just opened back up and that is close to Charlotte, the videos look cool. Plus ClubMX has a public practice track that is a lot of fun. I'm sure a lot of people from western NC come to upstate, not sure how many from Charlotte though. I rode ... more »

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I think they help with focus too, it just makes everything feel a bit more calm and calculated. I didn't really wear them until the four-stroke era, but for my vintage 125 with shorty silencer they are pretty much mandatory too!

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Motovated justt posted on social that they lost the lease to the Gray Court track -- and that it is going to Traveler's Rest MX crew. Which is interesting, because I thought TRMX was also developing another property somewhere in the upstate. Wonder how ... more »

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Pretty sure I also saw Chicken helping Bradshaw off the track after he crashed. 2020 is just the year of stuff you didn't see coming, huh?!?

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Dude that's not even a question, especially if you still have the bike!!! I got out of the sport when I was in my late 20s because I too felt old and "washed up." Then at some point around age 32 it hit me....I missed riding, why not give that vet class ... more »

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I think you are 100% onto something as far as pics. Our PNWVMX series always had a few photo regulars and it made the entire thing so much more fun. If I was promoting races I would seriously think about getting a photog and posting the pics to social ... more »

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The latest I have heard, yes Donnie left and is "no longer affiliated" with Motovated sports. They are finishing their series by combining dates with other tracks, but all racing at the facility is canceled for the immediate future. It sucks, they JUST ... more »

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O'Neal since 2000!! The Hardwear line is extremely durable and the new 2021 stuff is the best looking iteration they have come out with in a few years. The Mayhem line is very light and unrestrictive. I just got the Airwear this spring and I feel like ... more »

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A few years ago at Woodland MX (mud race) in Washington I came across the finish line , got sideways and completely ate crap. Of course this is also the part of the track where everyone stands to watch. The flagger just stood there looking at me, and ... more »

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Probably one of the things I enjoy the most about moto is trying to evolve my style, even as an old fart. Watch the pros, get as much off track video as you can of yourself and try to do what they are doing (much slower of course!) Getting coaching is ... more »

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I think the other piece of that if you are looking at true legend status is titles indoors and out in the premier class. That's why this SX title was so important to Eli's legacy, it filled in that gap. When you look at guys who only have titles from ... more »

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We are like the "Dislocated Shoulder Club" in here- yeah, I was pretty sure that is what had happened, also based on way too many personal experiences....

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Wonder what happens if he comes here and is leading points after a few rounds?

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I just had a friend message me from Dreamville today - 350 entries and more than 20 in the A class!

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Look at all those +40 guys!!! I am jealous! We had 8 in +45 and 6 in +40 this weekend atvmy local race and it was double our normal turnout!

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Been wearing Tech 3s for about 5 years now. I wear then until the sole wears out, then I pick up another like new pair on ebay for under $100. I race 20-ish events a year, multiple classes. I've never had a complaint with these boots, but I've also never ... more »

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I know I sound like a vulture, but I really figured I'd be picking up a project bike for next to nothing after a month of Coronapocalypse. Hasn't been the case at all. I do think that long term this has to be good for our sport. Raced the past two weekends ... more »

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Just a thought, Tony's team is SX only. So his interests and that of his sponsors may not be 100% aligned with the teams and riders that do both outdoors and indoors.

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A trainer and/or clinics are definitely a good option, but something else to think about is maybe you can find someone who is faster to take you under their wing. Moto is a lot more fun with friends anyway. I know not everyone is like this, but I really ... more »

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I did a local race here yesterday, we had 190 pre-entries and I'm sure over 250 riders once race day registration was complete. I'd say at our last "pre Covid" race we may have had 80-90 entries at the same track. I would have never predicted that this ... more »