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It's an unpopular opinion, but I'm with you. Tomac on the 250.

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To be realistic, development has leveled off so much, what would a 'works bike' really even entail at this point? We still have weight limits, which might be the biggest area to make gains. When bikes were changing significantly every year from the early ... more »

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At first DV's idea sounded pretty radical, but the logic is sound. And I have to think at this point Eli just wants to be on a winning team more than he is worried about staying on a 450 and winning "his" class. Plus he gets to be a bit of an underdog. ... more »

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I really enjoyed listening to that interview, and I think it's cool when guys open up like that. He definitely has a personality! It will serve him well later. On a related note, shout out to Joey Savatgy and just hearing how much more comfortable he ... more »

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I think this idea has a lot of merit -- and maybe even have some different tech restrictions for the entry class? That way there is some level of development class, and a longer path to 450s since guys seem to have longer careers now than ever before. ... more »

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I feel like every response should probably be qualified by skill level, bike, and terrain. That being said: +40B rider, riding mostly hardpack groomed tracks and occasional sandier surfaces. The MX33 has been my go-to for the past few years- I feel like ... more »

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Is there an option for a write-in vote?

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Gear: Direct via sponsorship Bike parts: Usually alternate between Rocky Mountain + Motosport Incidentals (oil, lubes, sometimes tires): Local Cycle Gear Random vintage parts: Ebay and FB Marketplace

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Amen!! What makes a 450 hard to ride isn't just the acceleration, it's the mass in motion. For me the most nerve racking thing about 450s is actually corner entry and getting them into the turns where I want. And of course when they get a bit out of ... more »

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Cade's wife is military, that's a cool look!

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I use it on mine too and have been very happy. I also strongly recommend the Acerbis frame guards - the stock ones don't extent far enough up and my legs were rubbing the paint off the frame.

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I had my first ride with the added oil yesterday (90mm), they actually felt worlds better! It kept it from diving so much during braking, which was my main gripe. They may not feel as good as the forks on my modern bike, but they are definitely good ... more »

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A rider of his profile is sort of screwed no matter what he says -- if he didn't mention being sick and went out and had a bad finish, everyone would jump his sh!t saying he isn't training and that he is out of shape. As a fan I'm tired of him seemingly ... more »

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Have you ever seen the movie Winners Take

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Running my 450 forks at 141 PSI!

Started new thread Feel good story -- Moto community rallies behind Paradise MX after heavy storm damage 1/5/2022 6:52 PM

Paradise MX is a relatively recent addition to the MX scene in South Carolina, it is run by pro racer and coach Jason Dragonetti and his family. The property was a closed down community golf course when they purchased it, and over a couple of years they

... more »

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They also added a +40 modern class and several women's class to vintage day. Not a bad deal if you want to ride the track without dealing with 1,000 other entries at RCSX!

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I’d definitely be interested in your settings- I’m 49, same weight, also B (at least for my age group!)

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I think any advantage would come in the form of more comfort / less nerves rather than pure laptime speed. It's an interesting idea - and if a team is going to build a freshie to get ready for the season, why not go ahead and use the A1 design?

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Thanks for all that info!! As far as class rules, really the way I read it is that it just can't be SSS. I probably can't justify investing in a full Enzo setup, but your observations saves me from going down the RT rabbit hole. I'll probably try to ... more »