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Oh I saw it. It's basically like mixing Mr. Deeds and Talladega Nights into a blender of PBR.

Added reply in a thread Seat Hump - best ways to do it and where to start 12/1/2020 6:24 PM

So many jokes I could make...

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Thanks- I knew I was forgetting to mention something, I replaced the bumpers first thing when I got the bike (thanks MXA!).

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I know this is a little off topic, but probably still relevant to the OPs post as far as reliability. My 17.5 FE 450 has 160 hours. The motor seems noisy with the clutch out, when I pull it in the noise goes away. I have replaced the basket bearing, ... more »

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Purchased my 17.5 FE in January with 140 hours on original top end, I am second owner and original owner was a vet Intermediate. I replaced piston and timing chain, but the stock piston looked great and could have gone much longer I'm sure.

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I use a Garmin Forerunner 235 I picked up on ebay. Very affordable, gives me heart rate and laps with the Motosports+ app (it was an extra $5 or something like that.) When I come back to the truck, the laps are already uploaded to my phone by the time ... more »

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I think the catch with vintage is really how diluted the talent gets because of so many eras. I was the only guy in my class at DVSX last year, it was a shame because that was an awesome experience and the track was just fine for the older bikes. I hope ... more »

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I believe Fast Farms in TN is having a practice Saturday, not sure of you can make it that far in time.

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Well, it is 2020, but seems unlikely.

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Funny story- I don't know if it is COVID related pricing with the online places, but I bought an MX33 rear for my 450 at my local Cycle Gear last week because it was $30-ish cheaper that Rocky Mountain or Motosport!

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I think this question is really interesting, because I am a "never was" who only made it to B class. So I don't have a frame of reference for what it would have felt like to be a pro. The flipside of that is that it seems like I continue to enjoy and ... more »

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They do a great job getting me a magazine every month that I never read. And also promptly reminding me to re-up before my membership expires. They also offer a great deal if you want a multiyear membership- one year is $49 but three years is only $147...oh, ... more »

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A lot of great advice on this thread, it is definitely hard to hold onto any of it in the moment as you will soon see. But I'm going to echo a few things that I think are the most important for your situation. 1- Practice starts, but don't stress about ... more »

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We have a crew from NC/SC making the trek, wish I could join them!!

Added reply in a thread Tech 3 buckles tough to release. 11/4/2020 8:57 AM

I've had two sets of Tech 3, my first set they were very hard to undo, I had to use a screwdriver at the end of the day. My current set isn't nearly as bad. As someone said you can file away or even use a drill to make the latch slots a tiny bit bigger. ... more »

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I have a dangerous track success story. The old Motovated 101 track in Gray Court SC is very hard red clay. It had a section where there were two 90-ish foot jumps right after each other. They weren't very hard, but I was always very concerned when racing ... more »

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The track I used to race on Oahu did that -- the start and top section was the same, but there is a huge valley with a lot of different options they switched up for ever race. That was nice... because it was the only track on the island!!

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I wonder if MC is staying on as a brand ambassador as well, or is Ricky taking over the role entirely?

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Holy smokes- I can't wrap my head around what the pits there would be like at a race with 900+ riders?!?! You must have had people putting in the infield lol!

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Good God how much power do you need lol?!? I had the 12, it came with a full Yosh from original owner. The best mod for me was a Factory Connection fork revalve.