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Gotta be 86!!! I'm with ya!

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I think you guys are jealous because he displays such a capacity to show us all what true love is all about!

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My O'Neal retro is on the way right now too!! I got an email from them last week saying it was in stock, so I jumped on it. I can't wait to run it with my 93 CR 125, I'm going to look like an explosion in the day-glow factory!!

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Any YZ 125 from 2006 and up is essentially thhe same from a performance standpoint. There have to be plenty out there for way less than $4K. I sold a nice 2006 last year for $2200. Just keep looking.

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Maybe it's time to look at Lorettas differently. Sure it is an "amateur" championship, but maybe they need to rebrand some of those vet classes as "All Star" classes rather than "Vet" in the traditional sense that most of us think about vet classes. ... more »

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Not to be a dick, but I was looking at those +45 "sportsman" results and I see the name Ronnie Ford. Isn't that the same dude who tried to qualify for SX on a two stroke a couple years back? If so, shouldn't he be ineligible for that class?

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If not moto, then I'm doing something on the water.

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Started new thread Ronnie Mac 2T vs 4T 'stare down' at TNMX 7/29/2019 5:04 PM

I thought this was a cool moto moment and I wanted to share. Hopefully I can do it justice. Ronnie Mac was at the TNMX race before Washougal, and for the past few years there has been a vintage class that continues to grow in popularity. Anyway, my friend

... more »

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2017 YZ 250F, for the exact same reasons. I ran 450s for about 10 years, but I've had enough of "those" crashes where the 450 just did what it wanted and I couldn't get it back. I don't regret running 450s in the beginning, but the 250s are so good now ... more »

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If the work was done at the dealer and it's documented, it definitely wouldn't impact my opinion of the value. That being said, of course a bike with 13 hours on a rebuild isn't going to have the same value as a bike with only 13 hours.

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I agree with you. We've seen this a lot this year for some reason, and then even in this moto AC and I think Cooper went all the way down one of the hills off the side of the track early on and then just came back on. I'm beginning to think we need to ... more »

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Weird starts for me: - At rhe annual "TT" race on Oahu (which is actually just the motocross track without any of the jumps), they do a flag start but your clutch hand has to be on top of your helmet. That was an interesting take. - And at the Boise ... more »

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I'm pretty sure it's a violation of the Constitution for the SX series to not end in Vegas. Just sayin.

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My entire takeaway from that video -- those guys all jump in the same nasty trash can water between and after motos?!?! Dean was even blowing bubbles in that shit at the end!!

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The coolest part of the aerial perspective was seeing the sides of the bikes when the riders scrubbed / whipped over jumps. I noticed that with Tomac once, you could see the whole side of his bike. Pretty rad!

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So here's my question- was it better for him to go all out that first moto to establish that he had the speed to win, or would it have been better to back it down, survive, and lock down probably 3rd in the overall championship? I think you could make ... more »

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I like trail mix because you can just grab a bite or two, eat what you want. I also heard a podcast with Christian Craig earlier this year and he said that baby food works pretty well. I tried it and I was pretty happy - easy to digest and keep with ... more »

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If you are riding at the level it sounds like, I feel like you will have zero issues running a 250F for a year on a top end if you are keeping up on oil and air filters. That being said, even at 200 lbs, you are going to find a 250F underpowered. I think ... more »

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I agree -- super weird to loop out that far into a jump. Here's another theory - maybe as the bike was descending that front fender started acting as a wing and catching the air? When you think about the scale of it all -- the speed and how far he is ... more »