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Bailey in 84 also, right? I think that was for most points in all disciplines "Grand National Champion".

Added reply in a thread Technological Innovation Fail? '87 CR500 vs. '21 CRF450 by Ryan Hughes 7/22/2021 1:13 PM

I have 86 and 87 CRs and do lap times comparisons with my modern bikes from time to time. Last year I turned a quicker lap at Daytona vintage on my 87 125 than my KTM 450. Time comparisons are very dependent on tracks, but on something tame and smooth, ... more »

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I believe there was a needle that people said good things about, but I didn't mess with that. I don't feel like this was a jetting issue. I ended up going to an FMF pipe, that gave it a little better breadth down low but again, still not as broad as ... more »

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I had the 17 TC 250 and sold it within three months. Powerband was abrupt and had no breadth. I spent the entire season before that on a 125 and also run two strokes in vintage, so it's not like I don't ride two strokes. That bike always seemed unpredictable ... more »

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As both a veteran and a long time racer, one thing that I really love about that movie is how well it captures the sheer stubbornness of both racers and vets. No feeling in his foot, drops wrench on foot, gets feeling back and the first damn thing he ... more »

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Sad truth - 2-3 rides a month is probably above average for most vet riders. If you can afford it I'd keep it.

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I think it is cooling here in my NC/SC/GA region as well. People are still pricing them stupid high, but things seem to be sitting longer. $1500 for a non running 2001 KX 250 with a hole in the crankcase, stuff like that LOL..

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I think you bring up a really good point. I have some favorites but I'm not a superfan of any one rider. So I usually have sort of a little different feeling of emotion whenever I see someone win or even do well. Some I expect to win, others I might ... more »

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Two dealers I talked to a few weeks ago said more like November. Also much much smaller numbers than the other two cousins, so if you want one you should put money on it now. Based on the price of their 450, I'd guess it will be around $9K, which is ... more »

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FGR01 -- thanks for giving an actual, well thought out, race tested reply!! Seriously, so many people come up with a bunch of bling or un-necessary stuff, you gave some really good info. Well done! And OP -- I'm coming off the 2017.5 forks, which I believe ... more »

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I did a video review on mine at my YouTube channel. I also liked map 1, at least for the tracks I have been on so far, dry and hard pack. I'm taking it to Club this weekend, will be a little deeper amd I'm interested to see if I like map 2 better in ... more »

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I call Ferrandis for a major yard sale by round 5, leaving Kenny with a strong points lead. Chase and AC start winning some motos second half of the series, but by then Ken is doing what he needs to do to lock it down. Outdoors is a different animal ... more »

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Okay never mind, problem solved, thanks 10 Cycles!

I did notice a few 250 SXF as well as two strokes when I was there, no 350s though. I think the Husky is probably a better fit for me anyway.
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What are the radiators cooling?

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Look, we all want sponsors from outside the industry, maybe TLD was making a play for some support from Pornhub? Maybe some cross promotion opportunities.. what could go wrong?

Started new thread '22 KTM SXF Dealer ETAs? 6/2/2021 11:03 AM

Curious what people in this group are hearing/seeing, my local dealer doesn't have any info yet. Original ETA was May/June, just wondering if they are starting to trickle into any other dealers?

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I was just talking to a friend having this problem with his 2021 KX 450 - he is at 17 hours and on his fourth clutch, switched to Hinson but still doing it. Sounds like the same problem, it starts slipping and goes away. He is at a loss - is there a ... more »

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LOL well I have a couple two strokes in the garage to keep the new one company, maybe that helps?

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I confirmed the 350 with multiple dealers. Very limited quantities of course, and I was told they are expecting them in November. I can't really wait that long unfortunately, so I'm going orange again. Good luck to you guys who are chasing them, get ... more »

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I'm the original poster - thanks everyone for your insights. I'm going to follow up on a positive note. First, again, having not bought a brand new bike in a long time, I think it's pretty crappy for the manufacturers to tack on that $485 mandatory shipping ... more »