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I had a lot of fun watching that -- finally got to see Western and Steve's infamous BluCru. And it's good to see them out there just enjoying their dirt scoots like the rest of us! Medals up!

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I think it will be interesting to see on both of their parts (KR and Eli) -- if someone has a bad race or DNF along the way and are out of contention for the title, do they miss the last round or two of outdoors to prep for SX. It's going to be a very ... more »

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When I first got into moto, these monsters were still at the top of the food chain, with larger than life heroes Bailey and RJ wringing them out. I remember hearing them at the track, and just being in awe. I started looking for one to fix up about 7

... more »
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I have honestly just not had much desire to ride since this thing started. I was extremely lucky to squeeze by getting to race at Daytona, but now it just feels sort of blah with no firm dates in the future and the worry of getting hurt and ending up ... more »

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Just curious, are teams/riders based in Cali temporarily relocating to other states because of the lockdown, or just shutting down for a while?

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1988 was only 10 rounds, I don't hear people calling that an asterisk season. I think he's in the clear.

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Dang some of you guys are cheap...

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Back in 88 I believe the premier class did less than 10 rounds because of conflicts between two sanctioning bodies. Nobody questions 88 - I believe 10 rounds is enough to crown a legitimate champion.

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Here's the first couple laps behind Doug:

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We spend a lot of time nitpicking our sport on this forum, so I'd like to balance it out a little with something I'll remember for the rest of my life. I just had the incredible experience of racing the Daytona Vintage SX yesterday, and ended up sharing ... more »

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Not to be a dick, but the answer to your question as to "why would I" is because if you go to Cathey's Creek you will be racing motocross and not racing in the woods! I know there are plenty of bad ass woods guys, but for me personally I just have zero ... more »

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Or you just get a KTM/Husky, 450, which is lighter than all of the Japanese 250s. I spent thr past two seasons (+40 and +30) on a YZ 250F, I didn't feel like the power was a huge disadvantage, but the stopwatch showed otherwise. I never liked the cornering ... more »

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Been with O'Neal since 2000, they are a great company. Looking forward to picking up a set of Airwear vented gear very soon for the summer!

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What's the issue you want to fix? I've been on the AER 48a for about a month, I've been pleasantly surprised. Dial in the pressure, then fine tune the clickers.

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Looking to rebuild the muffler on my SXF 450 FE, but I can't seem to find any actual part number for an Akropovic kit, although I see a lot of them out there. Does the OEM kit available through KTM work, or can I go with a generic FMF kit or the like? ... more »

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I've listened throughout this whole saga, and you know what, I think it is on Wil to an extent. You can't tell me he hasn't been dragging this out and that there was really NO chance in the past six months to get them an hour on that bike? Something ... more »

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I think you need to be somewhere in the middle of that range. The only bike that you can get for $2500 that is actually worth sinking money into as a race bike is a two stroke. But you are still going to be working with an old design, no matter how much ... more »

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I don't know your situation, but a common thing I see with people on 450s is trying to get out there and push and wearing themselves out in a hurry. Work on putting down entire motos at what ever pace you can safely sustain. Put in the laps and you will ... more »

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I think the real catch for racing, in my observation, is that classes are small so they end up running with other classes. So when my +40 class is on the same gate as 250C, my risk factor goes up to the 250C level. I hate it when a race order shakes ... more »

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I'd say asking price of $1700-1900. There seem to be a lot of them floating around. It's a testament to what solid bikes they were, but it also hurts the value.