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And with that, I"m going to go make sure my theft insurance policy is up to date...

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This is kind of like walking into a bar and asking people if they think you should have a drink! By all means, yes! As long as you are doing it for fun and don't think you are going to be qualifying for Anaheim SX next year, you will have many years ... more »

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Hannah would probably say it was a dumbass move because he ended up taking himself out.

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You hit the nail on the head. Listen to any of the other podcasts for 10 minutes and it's pretty evident what Steve brings to the equation.

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I bet Dylan was more emotional after that win than Eli. He'll probably be wearing the same outfit and eating the same dinner every Saturday for the rest of the SX season!

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In all fairness, they missed a perfect opportunity for double click bait - they could have blamed four strokes and no panic rev for taking out Jett.

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Maybe seeing that in a few years would be more likely. I do think it would be cool as hell if RC and Stew could come out and take a victory lap with Chat at his last race (whenever that is).

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One area where the 250 two strokes would have a decided advantage would be on the starts. So every week the privateers would get great starts on the two strokes, then the factory guys would spend the first lap having to get them out of the way. It would definitely add an element to racing, sort of like having a moving roadblock out there for the first few laps. Is there already enough chaos up front in the opening laps of a 250 national? That might be real question.

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RC has upped his game and it's cool to see! Maybe he is tapping into that same work ethic that made him the GOAT and applying it to his new gig. My favorite thing about this A1 is that none of the main contenders dug themselves into a hole at Round 1. ... more »

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In defense of all of our announcers, unlike most normal sports, in SX/MX there are 22 opponents and races on the track. Try calling a football event if there are 22 games going on simultaneously. It has to be a challenge to get locked onto the focal ... more »

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I'm going to get some thumbs downs, but I'm going to put this out there. Nothing against the subjects, but why are we interviewing kids on RDL? I'm trying to picture any other professional sporting event spending 6 minutes talking with some random person ... more »

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Hey Bradshaw is back on Yamaha now, what's he up to tomorrow night

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Haha, ok cool! I hope they have a practice next weekend, I actually enjoy that track more than the others because it is mellow and doesn't beat me up as bad as MotoVated.

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Oh shit! My apologies- I guess I definitely owe you a beer then!! I don't normally try to win practice, not sure what would have happened. As for Wade, yeah I'd totally run him off the track lol!!

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I'm sure someone will jump me for recommending a budget oil, but if you can buy Lucas at a car store for the same price as 10W40, why on earth wouldn't you just do that? As a kid in the 80s-90s I lived in the country and ran Penzoil two stroke outboard ... more »

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1987. Had a few breaks over the years, never more than 3 years at a time. Then I gave up on trying to quit and have been at it this stretch since 2005.

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Strawberry Hill?!?!

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So effed up....but I still watched it three times!!! (No, it's not really Sexton)

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Gotta be Mookie or AC.....or maybe Zach at Daytona?!? I think any of those are completely within the realm of possible. And I think DW15 also has a solid shot once he is recovered.

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Thanks for the replies -- I managed to reach them via phone, all is well and my order is in progress.