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Was it Windhams girlfriend not allowed into the team semi ? Then Windham made a sign saying "No team managers sons allowed in the team semi"

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no Jett Lawrence ?

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think he goes under "robkinuk"
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a painting of him racing Rob from the UK posts here is pretty good just send him a photo sorry can't remember his handle

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a link to results. ie the ama results web page also when hovering over the "forum" a drop down page automatically appears for the choices & a big thankyou to all who help out, & keep up the amazing work. P

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Just google earthed the Masters Who would want to play here

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oh no he didn't Webb was a bike length ahead going into the woops anyway something needs to happen to Webb for KR to get his 1st SX title

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The background noise is too loud, over the announcers Nearly sounds like the olympics swimming din

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Roczen NOT keeping Webb to the outside before the woops and keeping him there till Webb fell

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Bombardier also made aeroplanes A world leading manufacturer of business jets. Bombardier is a global leader in aviation, creating innovative and game-changing planes.

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GPs more recent Seb (MX1) & Christoph Pourcel (MX2) both won Citta d' Faenza (ITA) 2007 1st Seb, 2nd, Coppins, 3rd Mike Brown. 1st Christoph, 2nd, Cairoli, 3rd, Rattray have Malcolm & James ever won on the same day ?

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I thought for sure when Tommys' mate was handing him his radiator cap Tommy was going to ask what's that for ? 20 min 15 sec mark. when Billy Bolt joins in it's good stuff

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4th or 5th gear pinned for both set of woops ?

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I didn't see Dovi 04 in the line up. Thought he was doing this series in his off year from Moto GP

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Maybe . It looks like JMart was going to single the next jump as well. Heal up champ

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The OP thinks your name is Bell

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Memory question ! Ok here goes James Stewart Ben Townley Christophe Pourcel Chase Sexton. Ok two with age & GP experience