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four french men leading the qualli.. good to see Anstie racing

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the bike was in gear & stalled when goose let clutch out presumablly to hand over goggles just watched vid again stalled when goose give RD the clutch

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i heard a few years ago for a GP it was 400'000Euros over 1/2 million $ PLUS 80 or so 5 start hotel rooms for personel PLUS pay for meals for saturday & sunday provided by an Italian firm who travelled to all or most GPs. ALSO heard the entry fee

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not a SX round as title says but an mx style race inside & out

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podium 250. S.Africa Europe S.Africa . 450 Australia Usa Usa. = 4 Continents super racing

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is Tom Church only regular GP rider ? No 902 in the 450 class

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there was a photo in mxa with Mcgrath & Emig with the caption something like "the only thing that can defeat supermac is kriptonite" Mcgrath wearing a thick necklace with Emig hunting him down

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here u got a helmet cam when r they up on youtube !!! i'm sure u all had a good gp i did'nt realise gp was this weekend or we would have been there too

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Leok did'nt tripple the downhill as he was too close for comfort to the rider on his right as they took off . he tried to avoid him & got a bit sideways thus not being able to tripple & not enough drive to quad the uphill . Leok was capable of ... more »

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Frossard Pourcel & either Paulin or Musquin . it's the 250 class that will decide if they win or lose

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ok not beautiful but most stupid !!!
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Barcia made it last week go Dowd

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non points for quali but looking soooo good & smoooooth for the real race

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if you google map winchester matterley it brings up matterley farm cottage scrol down ssw you will find the track & all round the place it looks like trail tracks for enduro ???

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only read the 1st page but the hondas have got quite a few hole shots PC kawi thats the bike i would chose if i was good enough (about 20 yrs ago) hard work & dedication go Mitch

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my supraspinatus was torn & shrunk back 4 cm , infraspinatus torn 96% . injury happened nov operation march (5 months) don,t leave it too late as torn muscle is hard work with if left too long if it does not heal by itself

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i thought that too until i saw the fastest lap time for Cairoli was lap20 out of 21 just collecting points for the title !!! well done Pourcel things are looking up

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the rear disc beside the rear brake . was this designed to move the unsprung weight to the chassis to aid handling (ie less weight attached to the axles) hence the tubeless tyres system & lightweight rotors etc ?

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he's got a stutter !!! that BEL-RAY energy drink dont taste too nice