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This. Im confused here. Im seeing a way different story else where, and either moto people here are way more in the know or they are so far out of the know they only see her professional withdrawl and take it for surface value. I was under the impression ... more »

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Sitting on the sidelines for this one unfortunately. Made some money on the first little squeeze, this one is nuts, but I can't find myself to buy in at this point. My account took a hit a couple months ago in a few small cap swings I was going after. ... more »

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First, I want to say I like Christian and I admire the grit; much like I did with Cameron last week. With that said, I see a huge double standard with this team, and many teams in the pits. Star Racing was one of the loudest teams last week saying the ... more »

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I agree with this, I do not think the accusers really understand the gravity of this allegation. They are basically accusing that the doctor is violating the oaths they have sworn to hold with their medical license. The doctor has no skin in the game ... more »

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I think two truths can be happen at once and result in one thing: a racing incident. There was risk for Cameron to be on the outside. There was risk for Blose trying to do the big line while in first lap chaos. It did not pay off for either.. I understand ... more »

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I have been thinking about the proposed rule changing/addition... and the more I think about it the more I think the current procedures are okay as is. I don't think more regulation will result into better, more fair racing, rather I think it could cause ... more »

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Think we found a guy who works for STAR lol, toxicity seems to run true. Never said he shouldn't speak his mind, but like everything in life, the things you say will breed consequences. Clearly that team has a sportsmanship issue, although Cooper was ... more »

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Thrasher seems salty he just go smoked by a dude who lawn darted and flipped his way up a 15ft concrete tunnel, could hardly walk, and had a bike bent that was mangled. He shouldn't get involved in things he is way out of contention for. Be happy you ... more »

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Ya the name mixups and occasional odd one liners are cringe.. but what drove me nuts is no one acknowledged that the 450s started hoping that tall roller in the kinked straightaway before the finish. Not only was it creative and risky, it was damn fast. ... more »

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He never left the track and was trying to get up.. seems active. Thats a philosophical question really. In that moment, everything pointed to him being able to race. He sat on the gate for 5 minutes almost, AMA had plenty of time to interpret the rule ... more »

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MotoX Addicts is reporting there is a protest... Talk about desperate. You’ll lose more fans/customers then you will gain with the a regional SX championship imo. Especially one you protested at every turn as per usual. As much as I like having more ... more »

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He got the wind knocked out of him, shot to the groin, and a gnarly charlie horse. Of course his muscles were going to be temporarily spasming/locked.. give the kid a break, he probably thought it was worse too until the muscles let go and the intense ... more »

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Mitch is going to need to hold a meeting with his riders and practice the things to NOT do when you are in a situation off the track lol Savatgy, AC, Forkner, and now Whackers have all had similar problems that effected their championship is some way, ... more »

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Multiple replies no factual or enlightening responses lol. AC was dealing with throttle arm issues. General weakness/pain, numbness, and arm pump within laps. They thought it was a cyst they found on his wrist so they removed it after nationals. after ... more »

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Theoretically this could work. But ultimately would fail in the long run unfortunately. The reason Mars is the way it is, as stated, its very weak magnetic field. Its core is dyeing/dead and any artificial atmosphere we create would be wisped away by ... more »

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I think what is a good thing to remember, and I have to remember this myself, is that the market is in a unique spot with the pandemic. I keep hearing it's a very different market than what is normal, things move quicker, and stuff is "cheaper" as the ... more »

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I'm a little hesitant to suggest this... just because I'm not entirely stoked on how they reacted to the "war on wallstreet" last week but WeBull is a good multi-platform (mobile and desktop) that has a lot of great tools and great learning features. ... more »

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Bobby has a right to be mad. Oldenburg had a right to be mad. The AMA was under really odd and difficult situation... but man do they seem to really struggle to make good decisions under pressure lately. I think the LCQ situation should of been sorted ... more »

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Jumped into SNDL at around 0.82, averaged up to around .95. PT for me is $2 as first profit take point. Took profit on AMC and closed out.. I got in at $4.60ish so I was riding the rollercoaster just for the possibility but I wanted to take home some ... more »

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I like this idea. Or have designated spots for a medic/red flag person to sit and make it known at riders meeting. This spot needs to be dependent on the track. Regardless if they jumped or not, which I don't think they did purposefully, let's be real

... more »