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I think this just goes to show how tough these decisions can be... now think of making it in the course of a 20 min + 1 lap race and having an officiated answer to everyone by the end, let alone, getting a unanimous decision. I think bottom line, Coop ... more »

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Honestly, I would like to see a totally sand SX event to throw off the series and challenge the riders and teams to scramble to develop a setting suitable for it. Kind of like the supercross they did a couple years ago over the pond... but even more ... more »

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It doesn't matter what has happened in the past. Bowers complained to the AMA weeks ago that they needed to start policing the other riders better with the aggressive/dirty racing. It's always been a complaint of the riders, especially Bowers, of the ... more »

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If you are interested in what real experts have to say about the possible concerns, health risks, and/or seriousness of this chemical, it's not hard to find: In short, the people who have experience with ... more »

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Lol 5k... thats not a start, that's parked at the truck with out your gear even on. Let's do the math. 80 riders x $5k = $400k (not including 50 kids at the moment) It is a large under statement saying that would be getting off easy for the massive screw ... more »

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Removed names, but this was in the comments from the RacerX article.
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A lot of good things in here to learn from, thank you to all who contributed. Like Millerrr973, I am still in school. Currently finishing up my physics degree and moving on to my mechanical engineering degree. I've got a little bit of time left (5 semesters) ... more »

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Wait, you are faulting the guy for.. being excited about the sport and the racing? Emig has his issues, you can tell his stutter kills him at the first few rounds before he finds a groove. Ralph might also miss certain ques and mess up certain terminology/aspects ... more »

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That's weird you mentioned that. The spring from my header to the exhaust port has broken 2 times now. At first I thought maybe it just was never installed from the factory so I replaced it, well a few hours later and my new one just snapped off. Going ... more »

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I'm a tallish guy for mx (5' 11") and I swapped out my KTM stocks for ProTaper Fuzions (SX Bend). I've always liked the cross bar look and was running Twinwall 997's on my yamis. With the cross bar unlocked (more flex) you can feel them flex. I actually ... more »

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I'm curious as to what the red flags you speak of are.

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Its not that they couldn’t lie, it’s the logistics of faking the moon landing(s) that I find the hardest to believe. Governments can’t build a functioning healthcare website for a few small payments of hundreds of millions of dollars. You think they ... more »

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Thanks, Im an undergrad right now. Im doing a dual degree program with a B.S. degree in both physics and mechanical engineering. Someday I will be though!

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If the discussion was around some of the odd things that happened surrounding the missions, it would be an interesting discussion we could have. Saying "I pretty much know the moon landings were fake" is a bold statement to make. It's easy to get wrapped

Apollo all LRO views
... more »
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We left a large panel of retroreflectors during Apollo 11, 14, and 15. They are found exactly where NASA says they are, and with a large/powerful enough laser it can be proven of their existence through an intensity spike of the returning photon. We've ... more »

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Obviously he isn’t that good, his bike setup is why hes lost the championship how many years in a row.

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Pastrana has hit his head too many times.. Reed winning at moto at Red Bud MXDN is so unrealistic it's hard to make a joke about. What's interesting is FIM not allowing an American "B team". On one hand, it makes sense wanting to have someone from the ... more »