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Anymore universities don't even transfer between each other smoothly, let alone CC to university. I'm currently in a Physics + ME dual degree 5 year program between two different universities (2 years left). It was a contracted agreement back in 2016 ... more »

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I've gone down this rabbit hole before on this board so I am not going to get into a long winded argument.. but I think what you are missing is the fundamental idea's and differences of freedoms in America, and "freedoms" in other countries. Here is ... more »

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You have one bad MXdN in the sand and the world thinks you can't ride sand... as if they forget what all else happened at that race. Look, clearly MXGP riders are really specialized in the sand, many training at places like Lommel, and our guys don't ... more »

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If and buts + shoulda coulda woulda = not shit in dirt bike racing. KR’s corner speed was unreal that second Moto, could tell he is comfier on those settings compared to Moto 1.

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Started a design engineering internship for a company that has a fleet of 3D printers, had a “productive” first week. Footpeg folds up too, just meant to hold my phone.

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I don’t think I expressed what I meant too well with the hundredths of a second. It matters when that 1/100th of a second determines who hits the gate and who doesn’t, who holds back and who takes off, etc. Also, the average human reaction to visual ... more »

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So if I’m a team member and one of the riders on my team is in the championship I know what I’m doing... going right by my teammates championship rival and absolutely ramming that gate so it throws him off while my teammate knows to wait...... but hey ... more »

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At no fault to the commentators, I thought the production crew missed a lot in Moto 2 of the 250s.. We saw Sexton pass cooper pretty easy, and then two laps later the time board showed he was 3-4 seconds back behind cooper but there was no mention of ... more »

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I guess it depends on your perspective. Of those 30 races, you get to go 30 new places. You get to explore around (getting paid), you have fans, you meet new people, your involved in a massive organization (motocross development), you get the best of ... more »

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Idk about outdoors, I think outdoors is going to be another showdown, or atleast I hope. I like that were not in a time of dominance like the RC -> JS -> RV -> RD era's. Remember the last time we saw ET outdoors (MXdN) on the new bike was horrendous... ... more »

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ML, a few questions you might be able to find out: 1. Is the price set to compete out the other top tech helmets, or is it reduced due to the two shell design? (Assuming there is some manufacturing optimization that helps save money). I guess my question ... more »

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I should rephrase, it’s more of a personal image thing, not so much of what others think. I’m one of those meticulous types who likes to have a kit mesh together. I agree, I would never make shit of a person who decided to have say a high end fox helmet ... more »

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I like it, big improvement over the old V3. I also like the set visor... I have never liked adjusting the level of a visor because I never seem to get it right. Only down fall to these companies which are (primarily gear based) producing these high end ... more »

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Well that's embarrassing. Ya you are probably right there, I guess the logos being reflective made it seem like their prototype stuff, because I did not notice them. Would make sense, their gear lines are relatively new, didn't see why they would be ... more »

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I'm also thinking they are coming out with a new line of gear soon. AC has posted a couple times on his story of him riding in all blacked out gear, which is Fox's MO for prototype stuff. Unless it's just leftover gear from when they were testing the ... more »

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That movie resulted in a few scientific papers/discoveries on black holes actually, which is pretty cool. I'm currently wrapping up my BS in physics right now, although I'm much more of an engineer at heart, the physics side of me nerds out on this stuff. ... more »

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The numbers are thought provoking atleast. Would be interesting to see if theres been an uptick in critical head injuries over this time period. Also would be interesting to see an overall trend of the spine/head injuries over this time. Its a very multi-variable ... more »

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One suggestion I have, is if you and your buddy are taking it easy and just checking out the track and the track is pretty full with varying skill levels, try to not take up two lines. That track looked pretty narrow as is,. I do agree though, no one ... more »

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Eerr what... He recognized the red cross flag, slowed down and rolled into the section, and yet sill proceeded to double. Then goes as far as to admit on the podium he knew exactly what he did when he turned the corner. Intentional in terms of "cheating" ... more »

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What about a team play scenario.. Say Tomac gets on a run and its him vs Webb/Musquin for the title. What would they do if a guy like Savatgy would just sit there for a few seconds? Im guessing they would inflict some sort or rule buried in the manual ... more »