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Can't wait for moto season!!!
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A big bore kit with a cam, a vortex cdi, and a used A kit would be pretty prime imo 👍like navalseabee mentioned the "works" motors can get crazy expensive but thats because they are doing all they can to get the power while staying in the rules of their ... more »

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I ride mostly hard pack. It adds more grunt off the bottom and just sounds crisp.

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Thanks! These bikes really rip stock! If you're not really looking for more power than I'd say no

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The RK tek head made a really nice improvement on my 2018. Definitely worth it.👍
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I like using a Dremel. Then after you drill the hole put some ca or superglue on the edges👍(and make sure to wear a mask! Those fibers don't feel good in the lungs)

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Your build is absolutely next level 💯 Are you using hrc ti bolts for the shrouds? Have you considered anodized hose clamps? I was thinking about using them in my last build but never got around to it. They are pretty common in the car world...

... more »
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2008 crf450r
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2021 KTM 150 SX
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Do you still have the stock suspension? Would definitely help your sale if you sold your bike and A kit separately...

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Yes they have a spring/air version (you need to fill with air) And the more expensive option is air only.

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Thanks man! Still waiting on the hrc style seat cover but I'm super happy with the bike. So much fun!

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I'm so happy with how this bike turned out! I came off a 19 450 FE and I have to admit this thing is every bit just as fun to ride. It has a few mods like a high com piston, cam, full hinson set up, larger radiators, and im running ... more »
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I tried the neken and pdhs. I honestly didn't feel a huge difference other than I could tell the neken was moving. My favorite mod besides CVs was a steering stabilizer definitely a noticeable improvement! Great job on your bike man!

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Added a few more things like new grips, bar pad, clutch cable, chain slider, axle blocks, and some nice anodized drilled washers. just waiting on the radiators, seat cover, and clutch perch now👍 ... more »
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Karma will not be kind to this meatsack. The moto gods will surely plague the rest of his days riding dirtbikes! Your build was honestly an awesome thing to see. I really hope we get to see more!

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How do the sounds of the bikes compare? Try "cracking" you throttle from idle to see if it bogs. Do your wheels rotate freely when its on a stand, and are you running much lower tire pressure?

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so just getting started on my crf build. The bike is from a friend, it has a new top end with high comp piston and new complete hinson clutch setup. My plans are to clean it up and add new cool stuff and cera coating some parts. This is how it started

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Learning how to be smooth, let your legs and bike do the work, and how to keep momentum through the corners made the biggest difference in my speed.