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Check out Albek, they sponsor the tld team and their bags seem really nice. Been hovering over the trigger on their meridian bag for ages.

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I want some of your clamps, I need an excuse to tracker to the US to save on the import tax!

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Thanks for this. Really helpful and given me the bollocks to do it. One question though, you said to run it back in so it’s just touching the plastic. This is via feel yes? I don’t need to take the cam cover off to physically see do i? Well I almost ... more »

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Ive searched but can’t find a definitive answer on this one. My bike has a manual cam chain tensioner on it from when I bought it, from what I gather you need to keep up on the tension which is fine for me. Question is how much tension do I put into ... more »

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I’m sure plenty of you have torn bikes down to the frame on numerous occasions and can do it with your eyes closed so I’m looking for some tips. Planning on tearing my bike down to the frame in Jan. (mc250f) just to give it a thorough re-grease, re-powder ... more »

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Promotor had a nice pay day though so I’m sure he’s happy and will continue to have mixed gates.. Ales I said he was lapping 60secs a lap quicker than some people in the race, wtf there is no way that should be allowed. Would think with how sue happy ... more »

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You’re such a tease DC….. tell us more

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That Bobby Bruce is pretty good, I’m biased though, god save the Queen 🇬🇧

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Yea I get you, it’s just I know from racing around 15min + 1 my whole life in the U.K. that is hard enough alone. For people used to 4 lap sprints 25mins is going to destroy them. I just think you’d have better retention of attendees if it was little ... more »

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Sounds like just what you Americans need. If you did 20+2 you should be able to get 3 races in. Wouldn’t that be better? 25+2 is a long old moto for an amateur. Remember the emx class is pretty much semi-pro/pros anyway.

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So happy for BBolt! He’s the man. Apparently he hurt his finger in the qualification race and that was giving him shit whilst trying to use the clutch the first half of the race. Can’t believe how good the red bull production was especially considering ... more »

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Looks a little better from this angle.. so you think the shrouds are like that to try and funnel airflow to the rads?

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Two things that made a huge difference to my riding overnight was riding on the balls of my feet and gripping with my knees. Unfortunately as my dad was new to mx too I never learnt this untill after 5 years of riding at my first training school when ... more »

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Unless you really think he has some super talent or crazy attributes that could lead to him getting a paid ride in the future don’t stress trying to match the speed of these other kids. Have fun in the knowledge that you and your boy are having fun together, ... more »

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I’d get a new suspension guy..

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If you’re in Europe HGS seem to be pumping them out, all the shops near me can get hold of one for any bike you want. They’re not the most expensive pipe either so maybe look at shipping yourselves one over if you’re on the other side of the pond? Guessing ... more »

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Any English vitards want to go Paris with me? Promise I won’t make it romantic in any way

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I think he did on the race bike. This was a practice bike, I think it ran cone valves with this shock, so forks are brand new but shocks used. However he told me this shock has bladder conversion and his factory connection shim/settings. He said it would ... more »