193 lbs / 87,5 Kilo CR 125 AF - Nino Fenaroli 15

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Vital MX member luckynino
45103 luckynino https://p.vitalmx.com/photos/users/45103/avatar/c50_VRP_LOGO_1417035247.jpg?1417035024 https://www.vitalmx.com/community/luckynino,45103/all 11/26/14 7 11 3 https://www.vitalmx.com/community/luckynino,45103/setup 4 110 10
Latest addition: cone pipe by Tomasin R&D (Italy)
In action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8wfkXKrJdg
Latest addition: cone pipe by Tomasin R&D (Italy)
In action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8wfkXKrJdg My CR 125 AF at Malpensa/Italy just before christmas 2015

1990 Mugen powered engine , '95 retro graphics and just 87,5 kilos / 193 lbs weight

In action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqCp435gOzU Modifications of my CR 125 AF 7,8 Kilo / 17,2 lbs weight savings !!

---> my CR 125 AF now weighs 87,5 kilos / 193 lbs

2016: there's still more savings going on! I'm well over 8 kilos now....approaching 9 kilos easily. 1990 Mugen powered engine - still plenty fast after 25 years !

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqCp435gOzU Update - Ready for 2015: 
CR 125 AF with 1990 Mugen powered engine , '95 retro graphics and just 87,5 kilos / 193 lbs

In action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqCp435gOzU Update - CR 125 AF with 1990 Mugen powered engine, '95 retro-graphics and just 87,5 Kilos / 193 lbs weight

In action:
In action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqCp435gOzU Now with some colours....Latest addition: cone pipe by Tomasin R&D (Italy)
In action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqCp435gOzU 1990 Mugen ME kit. This is the cylinder i used during my prime from 90-98 and it still is in use ever since. It has done 900+ hours and still has it's original Nicasil !!! It has gone through over 100 pistons...

In action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqCp435gOzU Twostroke colours ------->
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqCp435gOzU 2015 Showa SFF Air-Tac forks (Poletti factory tuning), 1990 Mugen powered engine, CMT Carbon fuel tank....

In action: In action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqCp435gOzU In action:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqCp435gOzU I added a second valve for the outer chamber. In stock trim Honda has this chamber closed (blue cap) Cosmetic upgrade for 2015...replica '95 graphics
CR 125 AF (2013) with 1990 Mugen engine. Actual weight: 193 lbs / 87,5 kilos !

In action:
In action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqCp435gOzU Nino's CR 125 AF:
total i saved over 7 kilos / 15,5 lbs to bring it down to 87,5 kilos / 193 lbs I just added a italian made CMT carbon fuel tank: -565g ! High-pressure air pump...my new tool for 2015 ;) Weight check: 87,5 Kilos / 192,9 lbs
That's below the lower limit of 194 lbs ;) I'll have to add some handguards to make it legal again... Verified weight: 87,5 Kilos / 192,9 lbs Early 2015: My dream come true 125...basically nothing left untouched.
1990 Mugen kit - CRF chassis 1991 Mugen kit on 1998 lower engine. Most of the time i run a 1990 Mugen though. As it stands per January '15...
CR 125 AF with 1990 Mugen engine 
Pic of 24th december 2014: Ready for 2015
updated Kayaba forks
1990 Mugen kit (25th season !!!) Pic of 24th december 2014: Ready for 2015
updated Kayaba forks
1990 Mugen kit (25th season !!!) Kite triple clamps
KTM SXS steering damper (awesome!!)
PHDS handlebar mounts Pro Circuit lowering link Motostuff 270 brake set for best braking power&lightest weight & best modulation (same brakes as used by HRC/Geico Honda) Old engines sometimes need a gentle hand.... My garage in 2014 with my 3 125c:
-1990 VRP Mugen Honda 125
-1998 CR 125
-2013 CR 125 AF My garage in 2014 with my 3 125cc:
-1990 VRP Mugen Honda 125
-1998 CR 125
-2013 CR 125 AF All 3 bikes with Mugen engine ;) Latest addition for 2015:
brandnew Showa SFF Air Tac forks off a CRF 250 2015 - 1415g / 3,1 lbs lighter than my previous Kayaba spring forks My current CR 125 AF next to my 1990 VRP Mugen 125 My 1990 VRP Mugen 125
check it out here:
http://www.vitalmx.com/community/luckynino,45103/setup,45296 My 1989 VRP Mugen Honda 125
1st aluminium chassis MXer !!
Check it out here:
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General Info Additional Info
Model Year 2013
Brand Honda
Model CR
Engine Size 125
Engine Type 2-Stroke
Parts Brand Model Additional info
Piston Vertex
Air Filter Twin Air
Triple Clamps Kite
Fork Showa http://www.polettiracing.it/ http://www.polettiracing.it/
Tires Pirelli
Rims D.I.D
Sprockets Talon
Chain EK
Brakes Nissin
Brake Pads Other
Brake Rotors Moto Stuff
Oils/Lubes Motorex
Additional Info My Honda CR 125 AF per January ‘15 - ALL DETAILS BELOW: -CRF chassis - Poletti suspension front an rear (DLC coated stanchions and TPS system in the fork) - 2015 Showa SFF Air-Tac forks - RCS Titanium spring on rear shock - Pro Circuit lowering link - Billet Kite triple clamps - KTM SXS steering damper - KTM PHDS handlebar mounts - Renthal Fatbar - ODI Lock-on grips - Oversize 270mm Motostuff front brake rotor, Motostuff rear brake rotor - Talon sprocket&chainring 13/50 gearing - Lightweight EK MRDL6 chain (-140g) - CRFs Only Titanium footpegs (-195g) - Thinktechnology seatfoam (-558g) - LeoVince carbon tank cover - Aluminium bolts (fork protectors,rear brakeline guides,tank mounts....) - Titanium bolts everywhere (except f&r&swingarm axles) - MTB Fatbike innertubes (380g/ea.) - Pirelli MT32 tires - Twin Air Sand cover on Air Filter Engine: - '98 lower engine (5-speed transmission) - '90 Mugen cylinder - re-worked Mugen head with removable dome and HRC combustion chamber - Vertex piston - '98/'99 HPP exhaust valves - 38mm Keihin PJ carburetor (better than PWK AS !) - Modified Boyesen RAD valves - Modified HPP governor for retarded opening of the exhaust valves - Tomasin R&D exhaust - DLR carbon silencer - Hydraulic Magura clutch - Billet clutch basket and hub - Nickel-plated aluminium clutch discs for enhanced durability - stiffer Pro Circuit clutch springs
  • Mark_Chillzone

    12/21/2016 8:53 PM

    Really cool how you weighed stuff n listed the savings

  • Thomas_Egger

    1/8/2016 3:06 AM

    wow that's an awesome bike good ART Mr. luckynino!!!

  • RussB

    12/1/2015 7:30 AM

    Nino - What tubes are you running in the bike? Do the schwalbe fat bike tubes hold up or would you recommend sticking with standard tubes?

  • luckynino

    12/1/2015 8:02 AM

    I'm using those Schwalbe Fatbike tubes all year long in all my wheelsets. I guess it depends on the terrain you ride in but over here they hold up really well. I don't compromise in tire pressure either. I'm running as low pressures as i did before.. Those tubes weigh just 380g/pc. so that's easily 2 lbs less than your typical heavy-duty MX innertube.

  • RussB

    12/1/2015 8:33 AM

    Awesome! I ride regular loamy/sandy motocross tracks here in the UK. Very, very rarely get punctures so I'd love to give this ago. As you said, potential 2lbs saving for very little money. What size are you running? 26" x 3.5 - 4.8 both front and rear?
    Thanks for your help

  • luckynino

    12/1/2015 1:26 PM

    Yes-same size front and rear. It makes some small wrinkles but that's no problem at all. There is a whole thread with more details and pictures on my bike on thumpertalk here: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/993917-my-new-cr-125-afs-aluminium-framed-mugen-powered/

  • Crush

    4/15/2015 5:04 AM

    Wow! Outstanding!

  • Wahoo214

    3/31/2015 7:33 AM

    Interesting that someone would go to these lengths to save weight and then cover the bike in heavy graphics

  • luckynino

    3/31/2015 7:48 AM

    You are right but in the end it still has to look good. At my age i don't do it for any championship races anymore but for the pure joy of it. And these graphics are at least lighter than the ones i used before. So i was still removing weight by doing so (-55g total). And if you look closely you could see i also added a steering stabilizer and PHDS bar mounts which both add some weight BUT in the end it is also the performance that counts and these items do awesome. I was not after a record weight. If so i would still put lighter parts...I just wanted to reach the lower weight limit which i succeeded in. By putting my usual handguards and exhaust protection i'm just at the lower limit which is perfect for me. This also includes the graphics.

  • Wahoo214

    3/31/2015 7:31 AM

    Interest that someone would go to those lengths to save weight and then cover it with heavy graphics


    3/30/2015 6:01 PM

    Hey Nino! Thanks for including MOTO STUFF in your incredible builds. Very inspiring! Can't wait to try out the steering dampener you turned us onto- (It's on back order at the moment......) PS- 2nd 270mm Blade is on the way!

  • luckynino

    3/30/2015 11:08 PM

    Thanks - your brakes are really awesome ! You will be surprised by how much the steering stabilizer calms your ride in the choppy stuff and at speed.

  • Roostarvo

    3/4/2015 6:41 AM

    Exceptional Job. Brings back memories of Johnny O. Love the cylinder and head. 5*

  • Chas218

    1/29/2015 8:08 AM

    Very nice! I wouldn't mind to have that one in my collection! make sure you check my 15' redone 02' 450R on the bike check.

  • Thomas_Egger

    1/6/2015 2:12 AM

    Hi Nino! Once again - great work!! .. like the old 125. So cool the see your build up pics. Nice trophy garage too!! Kind regards Thomas

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