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Reply to Bring Leigh Diffey back! 1/25/2020 7:55 PM

I noticed that last few years also. Ralph always interrupts Ricky.

Reply to Any way to watch supercross tape delay? 1/25/2020 7:54 PM

It’s ridiculous you need sports gold to watch it. It should be on Nbc sports regular channel App and you watch the commercials just like you would if it was on tv.

Reply to Ferrandis penalty 1/22/2020 11:39 AM

Reply to So is Jett hurt? 1/19/2020 7:37 PM

Oh crap. I didn’t hear that. That’s awful news. Dammit. Dammit. Thanks for update. Hate seeing that.

Reply to Ferrandis penalty 1/19/2020 11:00 AM

It was a bad move but he didn’t lose me as a fan. I hate it for Craig though because he is essentially out of the championship hunt now because of that move and that’s what really bothers me. Ferrandis needs to tone it down for sure. He can’t keep being ... more »

Reply to Ferrandis thread 1/18/2020 9:41 PM

I’m a huge Dylan fan but man that was bad. So much adrenaline so hard to say if he intended to or not but only way to prevent stuff like that in the future is penalizing guys so they think twice about it next time.

Reply to Ferrandis thread 1/18/2020 9:34 PM

Those whoops broke down so bad tonight. Scared for the 450 main now.

Reply to Ferrandis thread 1/18/2020 9:32 PM

He might get suspended for a race. It’s gonna be looked at that’s for sure. He took out two geico Honda guys basically. He’s in trouble for sure. And vital you need to Fix your website. It took me 10 minutes to post this shit. 500 internal error. How ... more »

Reply to Anaheim 2 Supercross - Night Show Bench Racing 1/18/2020 9:07 PM

Wow dick move ferrandis. Wow. He may get penalized for That. That was real bad. I know You were in a hurry and on a roll to win but damn dude. You just ruined someone’s else chances of a championship run and knocked the shit out of him in the process. ... more »

Reply to Anaheim 2 Supercross - Night Show Bench Racing 1/18/2020 7:29 PM

Track is butter and awesome. Love seeing how nice and prepped it is the first heat race.

Reply to anaheim 2 track 1/18/2020 5:08 PM

Yeah that’s weird when they do that. Never understood a kicker before a jump. Just asking for trouble. Will wait to see in tv first before judging harshly.

Reply to Great coverage on Webb and Anderson 1/12/2020 7:18 AM

Because he’s last years champ.

Reply to Great coverage on Webb and Anderson 1/11/2020 9:46 PM

I know I’m complaining.

Reply to Pretty deep. 1/11/2020 9:45 PM

It’s awesome. We are in for a great season if everyone stays healthy and races each round. That’s what hurts us every year and thins out the field.

Reply to What’s the hurry? 1/11/2020 9:41 PM

It’s totally unprofessional. I agree. I mean come on they just literally got off the track and you stick a mic in there face. Let the adrenaline calm down a bit. Maybe that’s why they do it they want to get them while they are still hyped up.

Reply to CW2/AC9 Rivalry?? 1/8/2020 7:23 PM

That was a shitty thing for Webb to say. I honestly think Webb was camera shy and didn’t know what to say and react and probably regretted it like shit I didn’t mean to say that he cracked. It was odd and disrespectful.

Reply to What was your biggest surprise from A1 1/7/2020 5:11 AM

How deep the field was and how good some people did and how poorly others. Gone are the days where one or two people will run away you literally have ten people that could win. That being said it’s the first race. Cooper was flying. Barcia was the biggest ... more »

Reply to Barcia’s style 1/5/2020 5:42 PM

It’s going to be an interesting season that’s for sure. We will have lots of different winners and it’s very possible we could have 5 people in the title chase in the last few rounds.

Reply to It’s one race but 1/5/2020 3:04 PM

There was lots of surprises for me. Barcia bike looked amazing. He was throwing that thing around like a yz80. Turned on a dime. Looked light. Tomac and Roczen didn’t look good. Baggett looked great. Brayton I was disappointed in him in the main. He ... more »

Reply to Cooper 1/4/2020 9:42 PM

I was super impressed by cooper and Forkner seemed off tonight but did crash hard. Was surprised ferrandis didn’t catch them all either. First race he was being smart.