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I’m such a dumbass. Didn’t realize it was a stuff dog. Yeah you can tell for sure. Thanks for info on it.

Reply to Justin Bogle, Epstein-barr virus 8/19/2019 8:42 PM

It’s a virus of the herpes family like mono so don’t think it has anything to do with training etc unless that just makes it worse possibly since you need rest. It’s a strange virus for sure and awful to get at this level. We as fans need to remember ... more »

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I was surprised to see the McGrath era voted so low. I actually completely missed this era of racing. I was in college and out of the moto scene completely during his reign but of course he absolutely dominated the sx series until RC came along. I did ... more »

Reply to What if privateers just don't show up? 8/12/2019 2:38 PM

If you don’t want to be a privateer then get better. Lots of them out there just learning and trying to improve.

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Live and learn. He started out in too much of a hole. One of my favorite riders for sure.

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Roczen in second moto was running 2:18 lap times others running 2:21 top. 3 second faster. That’s incredible. His power on that Honda was incredible. Watching on tv it was like a rocket ship.

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Yeah. They showed on tv. I believe it was the qualifying session one but not sure. Actually it might of been the first moto win whip.

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Ken is amazing and his bike setup is just incredible. Mostly the suspension. He just goes over the ruts like on top of them like they are not even there. Like skating on top of them. Don’t know if that’s extremely stiff suspension or what. Whatever it ... more »

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He was flat hauling and what a cool review to see and hear the bikes in action.

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And the transition is coming reed said. 37 years old. Not much longer we will see him at the tracks and he will be doing his 4 wheel career.

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I had no idea it was even on until I saw ESPN and channel 2 whole looking for motocross to record which isn’t on this weekend.

bummed I missed last night
Reply to HRC Seely season. What now after humble #14 said goodbye 8/3/2019 5:29 AM

Cole is one of the most talented riders to never win like he should have. Wish him the best.

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I had one at my old house. Was my dream to build a track and big reason I bought the house. It was a small track like arenacross style. Funny thing is once I built it I quit riding not long after that. Then moved to a neighborhood. House was a money

... more »
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Trace is the key. When it’s trace it should be way less of a penalty or none at all. Because trace can make there way into manufacturing without knowledge of the person taking it. The governing board should no better. It sounds like they have a zero ... more »

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There are so many tainted supplements and even pharmaceuticals out there. Knew someone that got kicked out of his pain doctor because one of his pills had trace amounts of a different opiate in it and they kicked him out. He sent the pill from the bottle ... more »

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Yeah that’s the shot I really want.

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Thank you guy b. I was hoping you got it. I was thinking about you when I asked the question. How would I be able to get a large shot of that to frame? I am doing my theater room soon and may do a motocross theme and such. In fact how would I go about ... more »

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Ken is an absolute monster and putting on a clinic the first fifteen minutes. That first moto yesterday was the longest he held out for weeks so that’s a good sign things are improving.