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Reply to Vegas finals on USA Network 4/30/2019 6:54 PM

I went ahead and set the dvr for that time slot. My guess they will change to sx soon on the guide.

Reply to Monster Energy Supercross 2 4/30/2019 6:53 PM

In career mode you get to choose custom character like you said. I chose dungey so I am guessing the bike is what it is. Is it the fastest the game allows basically with this bike and handing? It would be great to upgrade handling to see what that’s ... more »

Reply to Monster Energy Supercross 2 4/30/2019 4:11 PM

Can you upgrade the bike in 1? I can see where you can tweak the bike settings by moving the slider but don’t see anywhere you can make bike changes. I’m on dungey bike on career mode so don’t even see where to make upgrades.

Reply to Forkner gives an update 4/30/2019 4:08 PM

He was so fast this year. Such a shame he lost the title. So close.

Reply to Juliana Daniell 4/30/2019 8:56 AM

I would say Julianna bum is nicer than dianna. More firm and round.

Reply to Juliana Daniell 4/30/2019 8:54 AM

Here’s a super sexy pic of her. Super sexy

Reply to Juliana Daniell 4/30/2019 8:24 AM

She is smoking hot. Totally my type. Brunette. Pretty and amazing fit body.

Reply to Will Osborne win an outdoor race? 4/28/2019 4:56 PM

Zach is one of my favorite riders. He has talent and is so damn fast. He gives it all he can every race. He wants to win and not many riders are like that as much as him.

Reply to Why does Feld feel they need to have a NASCAR driver in the booth? 4/28/2019 12:11 PM

It’s a little odd to have nascar guys in the booth I will admit. Figured some other moto guys but oh well. Maybe he was just going to the race and they invited him in.

Reply to I’m so ready for the Outdoor Nationals to start 4/28/2019 7:57 AM

Exactly. Have no idea. Mods at it again. Ridiculous the oversight on here. No freedom to have some fun.

Reply to Tomac dirty and RC encouraging it 4/27/2019 8:31 PM

Ok of course Tomac wasn’t being dirty tonight and I put that vitard tmz spin on this topic. However to be honest when Tomac passed Webb it did appear Tomac was playing games for a minute and it crossed my mind that oh shit Tomac is going to do something ... more »

Reply to Tomac dirty and RC encouraging it 4/27/2019 6:22 PM

Maybe but the way he rode was still pretty bad. It was very poor race etiquette what he did with dungey. He seemed like he was doing the same tonight. Once he got pass Webb he looked like he was slowing down then bunching up for a few laps. I was like ... more »

New thread Tomac dirty and RC encouraging it 4/27/2019 5:57 PM

Tomac makes me nervous ever since Vegas with dungey. If he pulls this crap in Vegas again Tomac will officially be on my shit list. I don’t agree with trying to take someone out to win like Tomac tried to do with Dungey. It’s chicken shit.

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Reply to Circumstances or Luck 4/27/2019 5:46 PM

Yeah that makes you a dirty pos shit then.

Reply to What went wrong? 4/27/2019 5:45 PM

Karma. He’s a dirty ass rider. Tries to win championships by taking the points leaders out. Did with dungey tried with cooper. Dirty pos. Not a fan of Tomac anymore.

Reply to East Rutherford SX - Timed Qualifying Bench Racing 4/27/2019 11:34 AM

Yep he got 4th overall combined and 10th 450 times. He should be in a qualifying soon if can get some good results in the main. Dude is fast.

Reply to Double d. :) break up the monotony a little. Damn miss her. 4/26/2019 7:42 PM

To be honest I’m not 100 percent sure she had a kid. I can’t recall. I thought I heard she did.

New thread Double d. :) break up the monotony a little. Damn miss her. 4/26/2019 6:49 PM

Hot hot hot. She is seriously so attractive and sexy it’s just ridiculous. Nice to see her married with a little one also. She looks happy.

... more »

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New thread Will Osborne win an outdoor race? 4/26/2019 2:32 PM

Being a rookie and coming off injury do you think he can win or just top 5? I’m thinking he can do it.

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Reply to Monster Energy Supercross 2 4/25/2019 9:08 PM

What bike settings do you guys use? I just leave all the bars in the middle or default. Also let’s say you are going into a corner and I realize all corners act different. What I’ve been doing is ride the berm if it’s a tall berm and slow down but not ... more »