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I don't have experience with this exact issue. But my advice to you, pick the best option and worry about cost later.

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Coverage has been terrible the last few years. Need to go back to the way it was in the ESPN days.

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He's working those demons. Coming back from a horrible injury like that has a mental side that people downplay. He's figuring out the bike and working his way through the struggle. His attitude represents exactly how he feels....frustrated. It's a struggle, ... more »

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He crashed on the start straight before the first turn. I saw him walk off the track, so I doubt he is injured. Prob be back next weekend.

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After winning Daytona over Dungey I don't think you can blame his fitness. From all of the flats in the 250s, you guys think maybe he had a flat? Or maybe something got caught in his wheel? He made contact with Bogel on the first lap crash.

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Love this guys fire. His sore looser mentality and hatred for loosing reminds me of the old RC or JS. Don't have riders like that now a days aside from maybe J Martin. The sports definitely needs more of it. He's a good kid...everyone calm down. He just ... more »