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Let's be honest, Feldkamp hasn't spent one penny more than he had to for years. GH is a sh!thole and he's probably feeling some pressure from all the tracks with big picture thinking that have come along in the last few years ( Milestone, Pala etc.) ... more »

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I had a similar injury last year Shattered tib/ fib and Tibial plateau. Longest plate they make + 13 screws. Top of my foot was numb, but none of the "on fire" type pain. It's a year since the surgery and most of the feeling has returned. They told me ... more »

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My wife actually noticed this awhile ago. It's like some kind of Celtic warrior cult or something, lol.

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Noah, when he floats up in the Ark!

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All's I'm saying is Launch party better be @ Chronic Taco Cantina, Corona! Yo! Lol.

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I'm just getting over a broken knee/ tib/ fib, multiple fractures. It's the first really serious injury I've had. Having never had to use any pain meds before this one, I really didn't understand why people were so into these things. Now I understand! ... more »

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Well I'm jealous, I wish I could wheelie that well, looks like some of those guys have some raw talent, I'm guessing if they had a safe place to ride and race, you'd have a pretty good thing.

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Dramarama, it's not just a band from the '80s. Why do you guys care so much? MA is washed up no matter what color he rides. I don't have any special knowledge about the Team A drama queens but if it was my money, I bet MA has an injury that's never going ... more »

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I hate to say it but people getting hurt is part of the show for a lot of the audience. I personally can't stand FMX but these types of activities are very popular with a wider, non-moto, crowd. Hope the rider recovers and learns something from the experience. ... more »

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Prayer's sent

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F*@ckin A!!!

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I have it on good authority that... none of you guys know what you're talking about!!! 3 pages MAX!

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If you click the heels together do you go back to Kansas?

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Maybe they can call the team No Law Racing

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Just sold mine, amazingly hard bike to get turned considering it wobbled in a straight line. lol!

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Does the blue flag rule apply to the Buells? Just checking since evidently the homologation rules are different for

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Shenzi wrote "Too bad people try to exploit videos like this one, just for self-promotion and just to bash the AMA Pro, because it's one of the favorite pass-time in the US motorcycle scene. " Yes it's true bashing the AMA/ DMG is one of the favorite

... more »