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Actually, in my opinion, it's the other way round Jeff. It's a well established fact that racing governing bodies create class formulas and manufacturers build bikes around the established rules. Honda's attempt to disrupt this situation by building ... more »

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This might help you understand. ... more »

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Lekker? No Souff Efrican English, MmmK!

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So at some point this thread went from being about Works Performance to Works Connection. These are two seperate companies with nothing in common. Could the OP clarify which one he's had issues with?

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On average two riders per year are killed on the island. RIP

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Sort of true I guess. Maybe people are butt hurt because the few (V&H Harley's) who were hoping to gain from having bikes no one else could get miscalculated Indian's desire to beat them AND build a bike which is available for sale. This is not the ... more »

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Bearuno, my understanding is that $50K is all you need to buy the Indian FTR750. This is not too bad if you consider how much it cost to build a competitive XR750. In contrast the XGS750 based machines been run by Vance & Hines as the official Harley ... more »

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Love the fact that the Indian's are smoking the Harley's in their first year with the new bike.

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That is one crappy looking track. Pretty ridiculous that they couldn't build something better.

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You would think that with 5 years of drought they the State would have had plenty of time to maintain the infrastructure. Gotta love the Governor taking the time to shame us into taking shorter showers instead of planning for the inevitable rain. Ortega ... more »

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TTR230's are not great bikes, not very easy to maintain either. That being said, the fact that you're offering it up as an option to a 250f makes me think you're not ready for a 250f. I would go with "none of the above" there better options out there. ... more »

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Things you need to race: 1. Show up 2. Ride Things you don't need: 1. BNG

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This is not a new rule. The factory bikes have all the gears installed but the one's they don't use are very thin and the shift drum slots are cut in such a way that these undersized gears cannot be engaged. This allows room to make the gears they use ... more »

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Did mine six years ago on a scooter on an island in the Bay of Naples in Italy. Didn't even crash it, just dabbed a foot to keep from crashing and my femur drove it's way through my knee. Decided to fly home with a broken leg after two nights ... more »
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I did the Tibial Plateau and Tib/ Fib thing too. 13 screws and a plate all the way from my knee to my ankle. At least a year before it feels OK, realistically I was still improving for a year after that. Two thoughts. Ween yourself off of the pain meds ... more »

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Terrible news. I was there but did not witness the accident. It's fun racing these types of events and everyone was very upset once it became clear that it was a serious situation. RIP.

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It's a shame, he's probably going to fail the cognitive test and have to sit out the rest of the Wheelie Boys season.

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Basically there are two ways you can do this. Peizoelectric valves or fluid. The technology has been around for a long time. Probably the two biggest reasons that it hasn't become more commercially viable are: Hardware and Software are just getting to ... more »

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Unfortunately the chances that this is CTE related are pretty high. My uncle suffered for years with serious issues related to this devastating condition and he committed suicide as a result.

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Lighten up Francis. I was just offering an objective alternative. I have a shop too and if I'm buying something I plan to use everyday I'll spring for the best available. But if it's a something I'll use occasionally or it's not critical to core competency ... more »